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From here, you can click on the first box, which will give you a bubble. In this bubble, enter the initial text, and the response options that you desire to allow the player to pick from. When you have created your choices, choose a color to display them in:

  • Orange indicates that this is a Quest choice
  • Yellow indicates that they are going to get Quest information on the next page
  • White indicates that this is optional information or story line

While you are here, you may also set the availability of the dialogue choice. That means you may disable the ability of the player to ask a certain question if they do not carry the right item, have the right skill, or have not completed something. You do this through the "available when" and "unavailable when" drop down menus.

When you have placed the responses, you have the ability now to connect them to other prompts. If you want the person to say either, "I don't like you" or "None of your business" and the NPC will tell them in either case, "Then leave", you would first create this dialogue response as a reply to "I don't like you". Then you would click and hold the arrow under "None of your business" until it pops onto your cursor. Drag the arrow to link it to "Then leave". Be certain you wish to do it before you, as it cannot be removed.

If you do this by mistake, you must remove the "reply" prompts from their dialogue bubble and recreate them. This can be a complex process, so do be certain before you link responses.

This section is complex, and allows for a great deal of conversational twists and turns. Until you feel confident on it, keep it relatively simple and play with a few features at a time until you have gained certainty of each one.