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Quest Editor[]

The Quest Editor is the first editor you will see when you open up a quest for editing. This is where you can set the information players will see when browsing through the quest list, check your reviews, and see what tasks that need to be done before publishing.

Quest Overview[]

  • Name: This is a 32 letter field which will display the quest's name. Quest can be renamed at any time by editing this field. You can use special ASCII characters, be advised however that it will make it hard for the players to search your quest by quest name.
  • Description: This is the Quest description in 1000 characters. Addition of commonly agreed Hash tags is recommended. You can use Tags like [OOC]blue text[/OOC], [MissionInfor]Orange small text[/MissionInfo] and [Nickname] in this field.
  • Language: This field specifies the language of your quest. You can choose the language from dropdown Menu so it is easy to search for players looking for a quest in that specific language.
  • Private Notes: As the name suggests, these are private. Only you will ever see these. A good place to keep notes for what to do next or changes that need to be made. However you cannot have profane words in this field.

Pre-Publish Task List[]

Any errors that must be corrected with your quest will be listed here, and broken down into editor category.


In this section you can easily see what star ratings you've received, average rating, number of ratings, and how much in tips you have received from this quest. You can also read all the reviews your quest has received.