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Gathering Lies
Level: Any
Preceded by: Lore of Liars and Trade of Treats
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Given by: Masquerade Master
Starts in: Protector's Enclave
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Blacklake District
Turn in to: Masquerade Master
Varies by level up to:
6,040 XP
22 Silver 5 Copper
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This is a daily quest only available during the Masquerade of Liars.


  • Leave the Protector's Enclave to look for a Liar's Charm. Either find one from a defeated enemy or from a skill node.
  You can only find Liar's Charms in areas challenging to an adventurer of your level.


Masquerade Master
As part of the Masquerade, we've hidden more Liar's Charms all over the Sword Coast. You can find them secreted in skill objects ad the coin purses of unsuspecting monsters. So go out into the wide world, and gather more Liar's Charms.
  Liar's Charms will only drop from enemies and skill nodes on maps challenging to adventurer of your level.


  • Leave Protector's Enclave
  • Get a Liar's Charm outside Protector's Enclave
  • Return to the Masquerade Master


Masquerade Master
Well wasn't that fun? I'm sure you can't wait to go trade in those Liar's Charms for more Masquerade tokens, and fortunately there are plenty of illusionists waiting for you to do just that.

I'll be here with more for you to do tomorrow, so come back every day to join in the Masquerade.