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Gauntlgrym is a PvP 10 vs 10 match available since lvl 60 that takes place in a closed instance, requiring players to queue into it.


Gameplay changes[]

Inside Gauntlgrym, there are a few gameplay changes:


Leaving Gauntlgrym until the match is over, unlike Domination, is not penalized at all.


Players benefits from PvP statistics insreased by Tenacity Rating:


On Gauntlgrym, players cannot use some items, like most Healing potions.

On the other hand, on Gauntlgrym players can use some items that are unusable outside of PvP.

PvP Potions[]

PvP Potions are usable while flagged for PvP only, thus available on Gauntlgrym.

Potion Cost
Battle Potion of Minor Healing 1 Glory
Battle Potion of Lesser Healing 4 Glory
Battle Potion of Healing 7 Glory
Battle Potion of Greater Healing 11 Glory
Battle Potion of Major Healing 15 Glory
Battle Potion of Superior Healing 35 Glory
Poking Stick[]

[Poking Stick] is a PvP only item.

While usable everywhere, takes effect on PvP only, including Gauntlgrym.


Node point

The match takes place beetween two teams of 10 players and lasts until one of them wins.

Wins the first team that reaches 2000 node points.


There are 3 nodes on the map.

Every node can be captured by one of the two teams.

To start contesting the point, one must stand on the node and wait until the node gets captured.

To rush and capture enemy node, players have to stand on the node.

Capturing can be done only while there are more teammates than foes on the node.

Captured nodes generates 1 node point per second.


There is only 1 PvP location available for Gauntlgrym.


PvP Boost Health[]

PvP Boost Health.png

PvP Boost Health are a potions available on Gauntlgrym map.

Once the character runs into it, they are consumed and will heal the player over time.

PvP Boost Healths respawns after a short period of time in the very same place.

Known Bugs[]

PvP Boost Health becomes unable to get consumed once invisible entity runs through it.

PvP Boost Speed[]

PvP Boost Speed.png

PvP Boost Speed are a buffs available on Gauntlgrym map.

Once the character runs into it, they are consumed and will give player temporary Run Speed Bonus.

PvP Boost Speed respawns after a short period of time in the very same place.


PvP Boost Speed are unavailable on Dragon, Mimic and Owlbear servers.


While node points determines which team wins, there are also individual player points that determines amount of Glory and [Grym Coin]s reward for each player.

Text Points Objective
Kill[1] 50 Kill a foe
Assist[2] 25 Assist in killing a foe
Tower Rush[1][3] 50 Kill a foe while capturing a node
Tower Defender![1][4] 100 Kill a foe while defending a node
Point Captured![5] 300 Capture a node

  1. 0.0 0.1 Killer is a player who made the last hit on a killed foe
  1. 1.0 1.1 1.2 Rewarded only for the killer[0]
  2. Rewarded only for players who has recently damaged a killed foe, but not for its killer[0]
  3. Rewarded only for killing while capturing node
  4. Rewarded only for killing while defending node
  5. Rewarded only for those players who was capturing the node at the moment when it has been captured


Gauntlgrym rewards up to 500 Glory and 3 [Grym Coin]s.

Amount of Glory reward is lowered in case of loosing, on lower levels and by some unknown conditions.


Winning team players are rewarded additional 4 [Grym Coin]s for a win.

Top 10[]

Additional Glory is rewarded for the top 10 players on the final score table regardless if they won or lost.

Top 3[]

Additional [Grym Coin]s are rewarded for the top 3 players on the final score table regardless if they won or lost.

Those players gets 4-x [Grym Coin]s where x is their final place in score.


Grym Depths Seeker Boon should have a chance to reward 1 [Grym Coin] for kill, but is broken and doesn't work at all.

Gauntlgrym PvP event[]

While Gauntlgrym PvP event, Glory gained on Gauntlgrym is greater by 50%.

For more Glory increases, see: Glory Gain increase

Daily Quests[]

On Gauntlgrym players can complete the following daily quests:

  1. Won match counts as 2 matches while lost match counts as 1.

PvP Campaign[]

On Gauntlgrym players can advance in a PvP Campaign.

There are 10 tasks to do on Gauntlgrym.

  • Capture 100 Capture Points.
  • Earn 70 Double Kills.
  • Execute 150 players.
  • Kill 50 players within 20 seconds of capturing a point.
  • Kill 1000 NPCs.
  • Earn 750 Kills or Assists.
  • Earn 500 Kills or Assists while below half health.
  • Revive 100 Allies.
  • Earn 50 Triple Kills.
  • Earn 75 Wins.

Completing thesese tasks advances both in PvP Campaign and its Gauntlgrym part.

For the more details, see: PvP Campaign