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Where to find your current Gear Score.

The Gear Score is a representation of how powerful your equipped weapon, armor, enchantments, and other gear are. Generally, a higher gear score means you will be better prepared to handle questing, dungeons, PvP and other combat.

Since Module 6: Elemental Evil, Gear Score is replaced with Total Item Level and no longer in use in the PC version.

Good to know information:

  • You can find your Gear Score by opening your Character Sheet (Default button is "C").
  • Gear Score is also known as "GS" when used in chat, forums, etc.
  • Enchantments in your offensive and defensive slots also increase Gear Score, although pets that increase your stats will not.

All Epic Dungeon Delves also require a minimum Gear Score to queue for, although the original versions of these dungeons found during the quest line do not. You can also change your gear once you are inside the dungeon, but if it puts you below the Gear Score that you needed to enter it you will be removed instantly. The requirements to enter each dungeon are as follows:

List of Gear Score required to queue for Epic Dungeons[]

Gear Score Epic Dungeon
5700 Cragmire Crypts
5700 The Cloak Tower
6800 Throne of Idris
6800 Lair of the Mad Dragon
6800 Grey Wolf Den
8300 Spellplague Caverns
8300 The Frozen Heart
8300 Caverns of Karrundax
8300 Lair of the Pirate King
8300 Temple of the Spider
8300 The Dread Vault
9200 Castle Never
10500 Valindra's Tower
13000 Lair of Lostmauth (Epic version)[1]
  1. A minimum gear score of 10,500 is required to queue for normal Lair of Lostmauth, in addition to unlocking it through the Tyranny of Dragons Campaign.