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Gift of Tymora
Module: Maybe earlier than module 20
Category: Container
Tag: Lockbox
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Quality: Epic
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Sell value: Copper8
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Inventory Misc Event Gift 01.png

Gift of Tymora on the ground

This box drops from random mobs of level appropriate to the character during the Tymora's Gift event. When spawned it falls to the ground and is automatically picked up by running over it. It is consumed when used, dropping a random item. Tests have been run to determine the percentages for getting each prize. In spite of being called a Lockbox, it does not require an Inventory Misc Lockbox Keys 01.png[Enchanted Key] to open.

The box's prizes include:


Gift of Tymora

You have discovered an enchanted Gift of Tymora containing a boon from the gods.

This box contains one of the following:
Fools' Crown of Neverwinter
Tymora's Lucky Coin
Tymora's Lucky Enchantment
Rough Astral Diamonds
Favor of Tymora
Profession resources:
Uncommon, Rare, or Epic
Potions that are useful to your level

When holding this box you feel extremely lucky.

No Level Requirement