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Gloomwrought Weapons Crate
Module: May be earlier than module 22
Category: Container
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Inventory Misc Crate Gloomwrought 01.png

Gloomwrought Weapons Crate are sometimes found in [Nightmare Lockbox]. The gear found in these Crates is not endgame viable, but was helpful while leveling due to the ability to use the gear on lower levels. With the introduction of Mulhorand gear from the [Rusted Iron Lockbox] these Main Hand, Off Hand and Neck items became obsolete, because Mulhorand gear has superior stats and damage and automatically adjusts them while you advance.

The Crate can contain:

Class Main Hand Off Hand Arms
Control Wizard Inventory Primary Tradebar T00 Control 01.png[Orb of the Fugue] Inventory Secondary Tradebar T00 Control 01.png[Talisman of the Fugue] Inventory Arms Tradebar T00 Control 01.png[Gloves of the Fugue]
Devoted Cleric Inventory Primary Tradebar T00 Devoted 01.png[Symbol of Shar] Inventory Secondary Tradebar T00 Devoted 01.png[Icon of Shar] Inventory Arms Tradebar T00 Devoted 01.png[Bracers of Shar]
Great Weapon Fighter Inventory Primary Tradebar T00 Greatweapon 01.png[Shadowfell Greatsword] Inventory Secondary Tradebar T00 Greatweapon 01.png[Shadowfell Swordknot] Inventory Arms Tradebar T00 Greatweapon 01.png[Shadowfell Bracers]
Guardian Fighter Inventory Primary Tradebar T00 Guardian 01.png[Gloomwrought Longsword] Inventory Secondary Tradebar T00 Guardian 01.png[Gloomwrought Shield] Inventory Arms Tradebar T00 Guardian 01.png[Gloomwrought Gauntlets]
Hunter Ranger Inventory Primary Bow Gloomwrought 01.png[Longbow of Shadow] Inventory Secondary Blades Gloomwrought 01.png[Shadow Blades] Inventory Arms T04 Hunter 01.png[Gloves of Shadow]
Trickster Rogue Inventory Primary Tradebar T00 Trickster 01.png[Dagger of Shadow] Inventory Secondary Tradebar T00 Trickster 01.png[Shadow Stiletto] Inventory Arms Tradebar T00 Trickster 01.png[Shadow Gauntlets]
Neck Ring
Inventory Neck T05 Control 01.png[Amulet of the Fugue] Inventory Ring Mind 01.png[Ring of the Fugue]
Inventory Neck T05 Devoted 01.png[Amulet of Shar] Inventory Ring Mind 01.png[Ring of Shar]
Inventory Neck T05 Guardian 01.png[Gloomwrought Amulet] Inventory Ring Mind 01.png[Gloomwrought Ring]
Inventory Neck T05 Greatweapon 01.png[Shadowfell Amulet] Inventory Ring Mind 01.png[Shadowfell Ring]
Inventory Neck T05 Trickster 01.png[Shadow Amulet] Inventory Ring Mind 01.png[Shadow Ring]


Gloomwrought Weapons Crate

This pack contains one of the following for your class and level:
1 Rare Ring item.
1 Rare Neck item.
1 Rare Arms item.
1 Rare Primary item.
1 Rare Secondary item.

Double click to open the box.

In Gloomwrought, the City of Midnight within the Shadowfell, the Black Market operates openly. Merchants can be found selling dangerous weapons, stolen goods, poisons, and illicit magic items.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell