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Gold coins and their smaller denominations are the most common and easily earned in-game currency in Neverwinter.


  • Gold1 (Gold) is equal to Silver100 (Silver)
  • Silver1 is equal to Copper100 (Copper), making Gold1 equal to Copper10,000

Acquiring Gold[]

The most common means of acquiring gold include:

  • Most foes may drop gold coins or smaller denominations.
  • Nearly all quests award coins.
  • Selling unwanted items to vendors.

Gold Bonus from enchantments, buffs, or the half-elf racial trait increases the quantity of coin rewarded, not the frequency of reward. This increase applies to quest rewards, leadership rewards and enemy drops. Leadership rewards only receive the bonus in-game, not from the gateway. Due to rounding, the bonus may be unnoticeable for small rewards.

Spending Gold[]

  • Gold is accepted by a larger number of vendors selling many different goods.

Table of Coin Gains[]

Level Quest Reward[1] Enemies[2]
Minion[3] Standard Elite Solo
4 Copper83 Copper2 Copper5 Copper9 Copper49
5 Copper96 Copper2 Copper6 Copper9 Copper52
6 Silver1 Copper09 Copper2 Copper6 Copper10 Copper55
7 Silver1 Copper23 Copper2 Copper6 Copper11 Copper60
8 Silver1 Copper38 Copper2 Copper7 Copper11 Copper64
9 Silver1 Copper55 Copper3 Copper7 Copper12 Copper70
10 Silver1 Copper73 Copper3 Copper8 Copper13 Copper75
11 Silver1 Copper93 Copper3 Copper9 Copper15 Copper82
12 Silver2 Copper14 Copper3 Copper10 Copper16 Copper89
13 Silver2 Copper37 Copper4 Copper10 Copper17 Copper97
14 Silver2 Copper61 Copper4 Copper11 Copper19 Silver1 Copper05
15 Silver2 Copper88 Copper4 Copper12 Copper20 Silver1 Copper14
16 Silver3 Copper16 Copper5 Copper13 Copper22 Silver1 Copper24
17 Silver3 Copper47 Copper5 Copper14 Copper24 Silver1 Copper34
18 Silver3 Copper79 Copper6 Copper16 Copper26 Silver1 Copper45
19 Silver4 Copper13 Copper6 Copper17 Copper28 Silver1 Copper56
20 Silver4 Copper62 Copper7 Copper19 Copper31 Silver1 Copper73
21 Silver5 Copper08 Copper7 Copper20 Copper34 Silver1 Copper89
22 Silver5 Copper54 Copper8 Copper22 Copper36 Silver2 Copper04
23 Silver5 Copper98 Copper8 Copper23 Copper39 Silver2 Copper18
24 Silver6 Copper40 Copper9 Copper25 Copper41 Silver2 Copper32
25 Silver6 Copper81 Copper9 Copper26 Copper44 Silver2 Copper45
26 Silver7 Copper22 Copper10 Copper28 Copper46 Silver2 Copper58
27 Silver7 Copper60 Copper10 Copper29 Copper48 Silver2 Copper70
28 Silver7 Copper98 Copper11 Copper30 Copper50 Silver2 Copper82
29 Silver8 Copper35 Copper11 Copper32 Copper52 Silver2 Copper94
30 Silver8 Copper71 Copper12 Copper33 Copper54 Silver3 Copper05
31 Silver9 Copper06 Copper12 Copper34 Copper56 Silver3 Copper16
32 Silver9 Copper40 Copper13 Copper35 Copper58 Silver3 Copper26
33 Silver9 Copper74 Copper13 Copper36 Copper60 Silver3 Copper36
34 Silver10 Copper06 Copper13 Copper37 Copper61 Silver3 Copper46
35 Silver10 Copper38 Copper14 Copper38 Copper63 Silver3 Copper55
36 Silver10 Copper69 Copper14 Copper39 Copper65 Silver3 Copper65
37 Silver11 Copper14 Copper40 Copper66 Silver3 Copper74
38 Silver11 Copper29 Copper15 Copper41 Copper68 Silver3 Copper82
39 Silver11 Copper58 Copper15 Copper42 Copper69 Silver3 Copper91
40 Silver11 Copper87 Copper15 Copper43 Copper71 Silver3 Copper99
41 Silver12 Copper15 Copper16 Copper44 Copper72 Silver4 Copper07
42 Silver12 Copper42 Copper16 Copper44 Copper74 Silver4 Copper15
43 Silver12 Copper69 Copper16 Copper45 Copper75 Silver4 Copper23
44 Silver12 Copper95 Copper17 Copper46 Copper77 Silver4 Copper30
45 Silver13 Copper21 Copper17 Copper47 Copper78 Silver4 Copper38
46 Silver13 Copper46 Copper17 Copper48 Copper79 Silver4 Copper45
47 Silver13 Copper71 Copper17 Copper49 Copper80 Silver4 Copper52
48 Silver13 Copper96 Copper18 Copper49 Copper82 Silver4 Copper59
49 Silver14 Copper20 Copper18 Copper50 Copper83 Silver4 Copper66
50 Silver14 Copper43 Copper18 Copper51 Copper84 Silver4 Copper73
51 Silver14 Copper66 Copper18 Copper51 Copper85 Silver4 Copper79
52 Silver14 Copper89 Copper19 Copper52 Copper86 Silver4 Copper85
53 Silver15 Copper12 Copper19 Copper53 Copper87 Silver4 Copper92
54 Silver15 Copper34 Copper19 Copper53 Copper89 Silver4 Copper98
55 Silver15 Copper55 Copper19 Copper54 Copper90 Silver5 Copper04
56 Silver15 Copper77 Copper20 Copper55 Copper91 Silver5 Copper10
57 Silver15 Copper98 Copper20 Copper55 Copper92 Silver5 Copper16
58 Silver16 Copper18 Copper20 Copper56 Copper93 Silver5 Copper21
59 Silver16 Copper36 Copper20 Copper57 Copper94 Silver5 Copper27
60 Silver16 Copper56 Copper21 Copper57 Copper95 Silver5 Copper33
61 Copper26 Copper73 Silver1 Copper20 Silver6 Copper73
  1. This is the reward for a standard quest. Shorter quests may reward half as much coin. Breadcrumb quests may reward one tenth.
  2. Enemy kills are penalized when the character is over-leveled. Outside assistance such as NPC guards, traps, or other players will also reduce the reward. Assistance by your companion is not penalized.
  3. Minions drop coin in pairs. The value listed here is a single unit, not the sum of the pair.

Small Icons[]

The small inline version of the icons (Gold), (Silver), and (Copper) can be used in other wiki pages via the syntax {{gold}}, {{silver}}, and {{copper}}, respectively.