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Greed of the Dragonflight
Location Type: Stronghold
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Stronghold Dragon Locations by Colour

The Greed of the Dragonflight is a Guild event located in your Stronghold base.

Activate Quest[]

A Travelling Wizard has made his home in the Stronghold and is offering the guild a challenge: defeat four powerful dragons that are terrorizing the surrounding region. He will offer the challenge every two hours starting from 10:30 AM PT (Pacific).

When "The Travelling Wizard" is active, there must be at least five players in the Stronghold map in order to trigger the event. This event may be triggered at any time using [Golden Bell] purchased from the Zen store.


When triggered, four dragons will land in 1 minutes. Players will have 10 minutes to defeat them, but be warned, when one dragon is slain the others will retreat after 1 minute.


All participants will receive rewards when at least one dragon is slain. Additional rewards are added on for every dragon killed.

Number of Dragons Killed Prizes
1 [Strongbox of the Dragonflight], Random Voucher (Minor or Basic), 80 Seal of the Elements
2 [Strongbox of the Dragonflight], 2 Random Vouchers (Minor or Basic), 80 Seal of the Elements, 1Fang of the Dragonflight
3 [Strongbox of the Dragonflight], 3 Random Vouchers (Minor or Basic), 80 Seal of the Elements, 2Fang of the Dragonflight
4 [Strongbox of the Dragonflight], 4 Random Vouchers (Minor or Basic), 80 Seal of the Elements, 3Fang of the Dragonflight

Rarely you will receive a [Strongbox of Astral Diamonds], [Strongbox of Gems], [Strongbox of Influence], or [Strongbox of Surplus Equipment] in place of a voucher.


Each dragon presents with a different challenge. Dragon Empowerer's will spawn occasionally to greatly increase the dragon's damage as long as it is alive; so be sure to eliminate them swiftly. The Red and Green Dragons are the easiest of the four, while the Black and Blue Dragons are the most difficult.

Katatheo The Proud[]

The Red Dragon, Katatheo The Proud, fires out multiple fireballs in the surrounding area. Katatheo can be found on the top left of the Stronghold map.

Oxuno The Treacherous[]

The Green Dragon, Oxuno The Treacherous, spews out a poisonous smog that covers the entire area inflicting constant poison damage. Oxuno can be found on the bottom right of the Stronghold map.

Chrysos The Vain[]

The Blue Dragon, Chrysos The Vain, will inflict major damage to everyone in the area if it kills its target. Chrysos can be found on the top right of the Stronghold map.

Ekdos The Cruel[]

The Black Dragon, Ekdos The Cruel, has an acidic bite eats away at adventurer's damage resistance. Also, when a player dies Ekdos summons his ghostly minions from your dead body to haunt your guild members. Ekdos can be found on the bottom left of the Stronghold map.