File:Neverwinter - Guardian Fighter Montage

The Guardian Fighter functions primarily in a tanking role, with the ability to DPS. The Guardian Fighter's primary attribute is Constitution; their secondary attributes being Strength and Dexterity. Their naturally high health and ability to equip plate mail makes them highly durable. They can easily build aggro with the Enforced Threat and Mark abilities for AOE or single target threat respectively. 

Clerics are natural allies for the Guardian Fighter, as their healing makes the Fighter nigh unkillable. Guardian's daily powers are mostly powerful AOE effects that build high amounts of aggro in combination with other effects, such as an AOE stun or lifesteal. Thankfully, This class can build action points very quickly, having several abilities in both the heroic and paragon tree's to further accelerate AP gain. 


Note: These abilities are based on a guardian fighter with Iron Vanguard as paragon path, as it's the only build shown up to now. The (Iron Vanguard?) tag next to the name indicates the abilities that, according to the PnP 4th edition, are granted by the Iron Vanguard paragon path. (Based on abilities of alpha build shown at E3 2012, subject to change)

  • Encounter Powers
    Level 03 - Lunging Strike
    Level 06 - Enforced Threat
    Level 21 - Gripphon's Wrath
    Level 33 - Frontline Surge (Iron Vanguard?)
    Level 39 - Into the Fray
    Level 51 - Anvil of Doom
    Level 57 - Iron Warrior
  • Daily Powers
    Level 05 - Villain's Menace
    Level 15 - Fighter's Recovery
    Level 27 - Terrifying Impact
    Level 45 - Indomitable Strength (Iron Vanguard?)
    Level 60 - Dragon's Fangs
  • Class Powers
    Level 04 - Combat Superiority
    Level 10 - Mark
    Level 33 - Ferocious Reaction (Iron Vanguard?)
    Level 33 - Frontline Surge (Iron Vanguard?)
    Level 46 - Trample the Fallen (Iron Vanguard?)