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Guilds are player-formed organizations composed of players that gain certain in-game features, such as special guild chat channels and shared bank storage. Guilds form for a variety of reasons. Casual guilds are usually formed to simply enhance the social nature of the game and perhaps to offer help to players in need, while other guilds may form to focus on a particular type of content, such as Skirmishes, Dungeon Delves, or player-vs-player. Roleplaying guilds form to bring players together who enjoy roleplaying their characters. Different guilds can band together to form an Alliance with up to 13 member guilds.

List of Active Guilds[ | ]


  • 1733 [PC]



  • Beluga Aérea [PC] Recruiting
  • Bahamut Inquisition [PS4] Recruiting
  • Bankers United: The Iron Bank & The Platinum Bank
  • Bards of the Underdark [PS4] Recruiting
  • Beautiful Chaos [XBOX] Recruiting
  • The Brothers Grim [PS4] Recruiting
  • Beholder Zombie [PC]
  • Besser Du als Ich [PC] German
  • BlackDawn [PS4]
  • Black Vanguard [PC]
  • Black Lotus [PC]
  • The Black Coffin Founder: BackSurgeon
  • Blood of the First Men [PC] Recruiting
  • Bloodrage [PS4]
  • BlueBlood [XBOX]
  • The BOoRK of the HBI [XBOX]
  • Bright Bldes [PC] English
  • Brotherhood of Light [PS4]
  • The Brotherhood of Mann
  • BrulParra [PC]
  • Badbreeds [PS4]
  • Beards N Beauties [XBOX] Any lvl, Recruiting


  • Casual Adventurer's League [PC] English, casual, any level, recruiting
  • Chronic Legion [PC] English, No Requirements
  • Celestial [PC]
  • Company Of The Blood Moon [XBOX]
  • Clan Helgard
  • Convocation of the Ents
  • Chains of Ouroboros [PS4] English, casual, any lvl, currently recruiting
  • Chaos Incorporated
  • Chaos United
  • Cult of Mattachine [PC] [FAQ]
  • Casual Dailies [XBOX]
  • Choas Lords [PS4]
  • Commanthor Sentinels [PC] English, casual, any lvl, Mod 16, recruiting
  • The Crimson Orchids [PS4] English, Recruiting [Apply]
  • Cryptic Souls
  • Crit Thy Pants [XBOX] any lvl new guild
  • Cult of Neverwinter [XBOX]
  • Cult of Cthulhu [PS4]


  • ф D e i t y ф PT-BR | PT-PT
  • DeathBlow [PS4] English, casual, currently recruiting
  • Death Plague
  • Demonic Nightmare
  • The Dawn
  • The Darkness
  • Dead Drop [PS4]
  • Dead to Rights
  • Dept. of Human Resources [XBOX] [Recruiting]
  • Diz Corp
  • Demoni e Angeli [PC] Italians
  • The Defenders Of Eternal Summer
  • Dracolich [PS4] Recruiting
  • Dragon Age [XBOX]
  • Dragon Knights Of Kelmdalar [PC] Recruiting
  • DRAGOON ELITE [XBOX] Recruiting
  • Drunken Demons [XBOX]
  • Disciples of Lodis GH8 [XBOX] Recruiting
  • DuhThunderFux [XBOX] Recruiting






  • Imperium [PC] See for yourself who we are and what we are all about! You can find us on our Discord - 24/7 - Click here
  • Infernal Paragons [PC] (site)
  • Injustice League [PS4] All Players of All Levels welcome. Chill,Friendly,Easy Going,Laid Back environemnt. Alliance wide games & Giveaways
  • Insane Asylum
  • The Imperial Guard
  • Ishgard EU/EN
  • Inappropriately Feytouched [PC] Recruiting
  • Irmandade de Sangue [PS4] Recrutando
  • Icewind Dale and Chill
  • Immortal Empire [PS4] EST English Leader Siren@ogsnipersiren Website


  • JOVI [PS4] The only unofficial Bon Jovi guild in Neverwinter


  • Kekskomplott [PC] German, Suchen Member (@mutzelichan, @calli1233)
  • Kesatria Republik Lama [PS4]
  • Killers Only Recruiting
  • Kingdom of Deception [PS4] Recruiting
  • Kingdom of Valhalla [PS4]
  • Kingsman Gaming
  • Knights of Empire
  • KNIGHTS OF LODIS [XBOX] GH20 - Recruiting
  • Knights of Lordaëron [PC] Recruiting
  • Knights of the Grove [PS4] Recruiting
  • Knights of the Mythical circle
  • Knights of the New Order [PS4] Recruiting, Friendly, Fun, Family Gaming Environment
  • Knights who say nee


  • Lords of The Nine [XBOX]
  • Legacy of the Vanguard
  • Legion of Gamers [XBOX]
  • Limitless [PC] English, Casual
  • Linkdead Often [PC] English, Casualt - new guild. All players welcome
  • LostWrath English, Casual, Currently Recruiting
  • L'Ordine del Chaos [XBOX]
  • Lowered Expectations [XBOX]
  • League of Assassins [PS4] Recruiting
  • Lock City [XBOX]
  • Los Angeles Caidos[XBOX]


  • Midnight Bayou [PS4] Recruiting (Class Training for End Game Content, Alliance Giveaways & Raffles) Facebook
  • Mystra's Embrace
  • Mythic Nightmares [PS4]
  • Mythweavers
  • Guild MVP [PS4] (stands for Most Valuable Player)
  • M-O-O-N [PC] Recruiting, PVE, discord, English, EST, casual
  • Midnight Express [PC]
  • Militibus Ex Familia [PC] All players welcome, Wholesome family environment


  • Neverwinter's Legends [PS4]
  • Neverwinter Order [PC] Italian, recruting, Ts
  • Night Walkers [XBOX]
  • Nightswatch [PC]
  • Nikostratos Since May 2013
  • No Man's Realm [PS4]
  • Not My Day Job [PC]
  • Nords of Neverwinter [PC]





  • Reapers Of Hell [PS4] Actively Recruiting on pS4
  • Raechend Revolte
  • Reborn Immortals
  • Reckless Rejects Mercenary guild
  • Red Dawn [PS4] Recruiting Have PS4 Community Page
  • RedXOasis
  • Renegados_BR [PS4] Recruiting
  • Ride or Die [PS4]
  • Rise from the Ashes [XBOX] Recruiting - McGinny86
  • RISING EMBERS [XBOX] Recruiting
  • Risingstar
  • ROYAL [PS4] Recruiting
  • Royal Black Watch
  • Recon 315 Upcoming guild. Now recruiting players. <Now looking for Alliance guilds>



  • The Silver Order [PC] Recruiting
  • The Emerald Knights [PC] Recruiting
  • T.A.C
  • Terran Protectors
  • That One Guild of Misfits [PS4]
  • The Avengers [PS4]
  • The Exalted Guard [PS4]
  • The Forgotten Company
  • The Fearless Rebels Recruiting [PS4]
  • The Holy Crusaders Crusaders Alliance
  • The Jade Phoenix of Anthalore
  • The Knights of Evenwood [PC] Family Friendly, Casual - Recruiting
  • The Knights of Ravenloft Recruiting
  • The Nation [XBOX]
  • The Neverwinter Nine [PS4]
  • The Nightmare Court Facebook
  • The Never Throne [PS4]
  • The Misfit Toys [XBOX] GH 20
  • The Pain Train [XBOX] Any level acceptance, mic required Xbox 1, msg DemonKyub gamertag to join
  • The Phoenix
  • The Tempuran Knights [XBOX]
  • The Crimson Riders [PS4]
  • The Toon Squad
  • The Horde Of The Ethereal Vale [PS4]
  • The Death Squad [XBOX] Drunk
  • The End Of The Internet [PC] Discord 2/3/2020 Active and recruiting
  • Tyrs Paladium Research our Guild here | Apply on our website
  • The Wolf Den[PS4] Active, Friendly, Helpful, Social, Family-like Environment.
  • Thultanthar Enclave [XBOX]
  • TNWO [PC]
  • The Dauntless [PS4]
  • The Rouge Nation [XBOX] Any level acceptance, mic required Xbox 1, msg Warbrine gamertag to join
  • Timed Out [XBOX]
  • Thunderfists [PS4] Recruiting
  • The Sith Empire [PS4] Recruiting, Friendly, Fun, Family Gaming Environment
  • The Reaping Eagles [PC]


  • Unrepentant
  • Unbound
  • Unrelenting [XBOX]
  • Unicorns of War [XBOX]
  • Untamed Mercenaries [XBOX]



  • Warriors of Chaos [PC]
  • West Wind Brigade
  • War Wolves [PS4]
  • White Lotus [XBOX]
  • Wolves of Furor Celtica
  • Wayward [PS4]
  • We Clear Lobbies


  • wolf's playground [XBOX] Recruiting



  • Zeal dragon warriors [Ps4]


Starting a guild[ | ]

Guild Creation

Location of the Guild Registry

In Protector's Enclave, go to the Guild Registry on your map and talk to the Guild Registrar. In order to start a guild in Neverwinter, you need a full party of players not already in a guild that are on the same map. Any member of the party can talk to the guild contact and start the guild with all party members. The player who spoke to the contract will be given the maximum guild rank, and the others with be given the lowest rank. Checklist for starting a guild:

  • Full Party – 5 players
  • All Members of the Party are on the same instance of Protector's Enclave
  • All starting members have to be level 15 or higher

Guild panel window[ | ]

The guild panel window features many tabs:

  • News
  • Strongholds
  • Events
  • Roster
  • Information
  • Settings
  • Alliance

News[ | ]


News tab

The news tab has four logs.

  • The first one presents the Stronghold News where stronghold based events are displayed(e.g. start and finish of stronghold structures).
  • Next we have the log of the Stronghold Coffer
  • The third is for the guild events (creation, join, promotion, etc.).
  • The last one summarises the log of the guild vault.

Events[ | ]

The events tab enables allowed members to create and edit events.

Creating an Event[ | ]


Empty events tab

To create a new guild event you need to click on the new event tab in the right hand corner of the guild events tab


New events form

Once clicked the create a new event form appears. This form requires the following information:

  • Title - Title of the Event
  • Description - Short Description of the event.
  • Date - Date of the event (this will adjust to the players time zone)
  • Time - Time of the event (this will adjust to the players time zone)
  • Level Requirements - Minimum and maximum level of players as well as minimum guild rank required to participate in the event.
  • Event Recurrence - Is this a one-off event or will it repeat.
  • Attendance limit - Minimum number of guild members required for this event.
  • Minimum Guild Rank Edit - The minimum rank that is allowed to edit this event.

Only players that have the right to create guild events can create events

Viewing Details of an Event[ | ]


Events Details form

To view details on a event click the view details button in the left bottom of guild events tab.

On this form you can see alist of players that have already RSVP'd for the event. You can also use the section at the bottom to indicate whether you will be joiing in or not.

The options are :

  • RSVP - The message you would like to add to your RSVP (e.g. Reason you can't join.)
  • Accept/Maybe/Out - Choose whether you will be joining or not.
  • OK - Close form without RSVP'ing or altering previous RSVP

Roster[ | ]

Guild Rooster

Roster tab

The roster tab gives the full list of guild members, their rank, class, level, location (if online), status and eventual comments.

The members with permissions can set comments, change ranks, kick members, invite members or leave the guild.

Information[ | ]

Guild Info

Information tab

Here you can customize your guild's name, message of the day, description, recruiting message, web site, minimum level and search tags.

The search tags are particularly important because players can search for guilds based on the tags you choose.

Settings[ | ]

Guild Sett

Settings tab

This panel lets you set all the permissions.

Guild bank window[ | ]

The window of the guild bank that can be accessed in Protector's Enclave ( next to the Guild Registry and at the Manycoins Bank ) or in the Stronghold this window offers several features.

Stash[ | ]

A guild bank can contain up to 8 depots; each depot contains 48 item slots. Depot 1 can also be used to share gold.

Permissions[ | ]

Admins can change the depot name here and set permissions for sharing items and gold.

Protocol[ | ]

All sharing activities (donations and withdrawals) are logged here. Has a search engine.

Depot shop[ | ]

Depot 1 costs 150,000 AD; depot 8 costs 8 times more.

Deposit 2 costs 300,000 AD

Deposit 3 costs 450,000 AD

Deposit 4 600,000

Deposit 5 750,000

Deposit 6 900,000

Deposit 7 1,050,000

Deposit 8 1,200.000

Alliances[ | ]

More information about alliances can be found here.