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Welcome! ApeX Alliance was Founded by Sped678 on PS4 in July 2016. It is Currently an active and growing Guild accepting new members level 70 with a gear score of 9,000+ for support classes and 11,000+ for Dps classes. (See Requirements below).

Recruiting: If you are interested in joining please fill out an application here.

Requirements to join:

1. We are an English Speaking Guild so all applicants must speak English.

2. We require Mature Membership (18+)

3. All members must be ACTIVE

4. All members must have a Headset on PSN (Active communication is very important)

5. All members must be level 70 and have a gear score of 9,000+ for support classes and 11,000+ for Dps classes on at least one character on Neverwinter.

Play Style: As a guild we have mainly PVE (Player vs. Environment) based players, but we do also have a few PVP (Player vs. Player) based members. Our guild is full of friendly and knowledgeable MMO Players. We do group dungeons, raids, farming, questing, heroic encounters, stronghold running, Dragonflight, Domination pvp, etc.

Guild Hall: We are always actively trying to expand our Guild in many ways, one is by leveling and building within the Guild Stronghold. We do not have any donation requirements, but anything and everything is appreciated as building costs are high. We have lots of active donator's so building is for the most part fairly quick!

Alliance: We have a very active and Strong Alliance in addition to our great Guild. As an alliance all dungeons, heroics, skirmishes, dragonflight, and questing can be completed and accomplished with time to spare!

Contact Us: For more information and links to our other social media outlets please visit our official site

Any questions or concerns please Contact Sped678, SeBird28, Kubrell, or Jumpin_Joe on PSN (PlayStation Network).

Guild Ranking Structure
# Name Requirements for position
7 Guild Founder N/A
6 Guild Leader Promotions here are made by the Guild Founder after Officer has proven him or herself to be a great asset to the Guild.
5 Officer Leadership level begins here, Must have proven him or herself as a Senior Member or Veteran. Also, must have great knowledge of Guild and Game.
4 Veteran Must have proven him or herself as a Senior Member, Then gain knowledge of guild and strategies etc. from leadership. Also, must be able to host and create certain events for the Guild and Alliance.
3 Senior Member Must have proven him or herself as a member, Then actively helping, and donating to the guild in various ways Questing, Events, Coffer etc.
2 Member Basic Membership requirements, Plus must have spoken with an officer or above.
1 Recruit Basic Membership requirements. See Recruiting