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The Forsaken Souls Guild

The Guild[]

Forsaken-Souls is an international players guild for Neverwinter PC. We've been working together since 2015, making us one of the older still functioning guilds in Neverwinter. Our members come from all around the globe. We're friendly, helpful and ironically, anything but forsaken.

Our mix of players[]

We have players from all levels in our guild and we aim to help each to play and have fun. We have a powerful core of players with BIS characters that have conquered all content available in Neverwinter. There are those that take time to read forums, test theories, and run experiments to optimize characters. We know how to win.

At the same time we have total casual players whos enjoyment comes from socializing, crafting, or exploring. Somewhere in between those we have newer players that aspire to be powerful, but just haven't had the time to get there yet. ..and we enjoy helping those players find their way through what can be a confusing amount of information or at times even dis-information.

We aren't a full leveling guild however. We don't power level characters, expect players to spend time grinding content for others, or run content for those who don't want to accomplish things for themselves. We work together to play together so its fun for everyone.

How can you join us?[]

Some guilds use an extensive application. Many others take all who ask. Those aren't us.

You can join by finding one of us in game, mailing us in game, or contacting us via Discord (links and addresses below) and chatting for a moment. Its not an extensive interview process or anything like that. We do like to talk for a time with every member just to see that you can be a fit with us, and we can be one for you.

If you're generally an independent casual player, thats totally fine. Still to be one of us we like to have a few moments of interaction, and perhaps an occasional 'Hello'.

Internet Presence[]

Our active website and blog is here:

We have a lot of information about the game on our blog, where we post all sorts of articles that might be helpful for our members (and others of course). We have character information about some of our players, and a budding set of character bio pages for those who like to write stories about their in game adventures.

Discord: To contact us on discord you can use the following link -

In game: Our leadership can be reached by using in game mail to @myrinx or @krzrsms