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The Order of the Golden Lion is a guild dedicated to providing a fun, mature, casual, family-friendly group for enjoying all of Neverwinter's content, PvE, PvP, and Foundry creations. Roleplay is welcome and encouraged as the guild grows, but not required.

Current Events: Recruiting Contest![edit | edit source]

To continue to fill out the ranks of the Golden Lions, we're holding a recruiting contest! The guild member who brings in the most new recruits will be awarded their choice of a Medium Snowswift Horse or their choice of an 800 Zen companion from the Z-Store. Second place will receive the remaining prize!

The contest will run from now until October 15 at Midnight EST. (In the Forgotten Realms calendar, the 15th day of the 10th month, Marpenoth, is a holy day for Torm's church called True Resurrection. It celebrates the day Torm was brought back from the dead by Ao as a reward for Torm's slaying of Bane.)


  • New recruits must meet the membership, naming, and character background requirements listed below to count for the contest.
  • To be eligible to win first or second prize, the Golden Lion member must have recruited at least three new members to the guild. This is to prevent someone from "winning" without really investing time into recruitment.
  • In the event of a tie, the contest will be extended for one week to see if the tied guild members can increase their recruit totals to become the clear winner. If still tied after the extension week, the first of the tied members to add a new recruit will be declared the winner.
  • New recruits joining during the contest period are immediately eligible to participate, and can win the contest themselves if they add the most new members.
  • You will be disqualified from winning if you create fake or "dummy" accounts for the purposes of this contest.
  • To "claim" a new recruit, the Golden Lion member should send an in-game email to the Guild Leader (Joshua Trueshield@Cates) with the name of the recruit.
  • Prizes will be awarded following verification that recruited members meet eligibility requirements.
  • The Guild Leader is not eligible to win the contest or claim a prize.

Lore[edit | edit source]

The Order of the Golden Lion is a prestigious knightly order in service to Torm, the god of duty, loyalty and righteousness. The Golden Lions work to defend the weak, aid the churches of other good faiths, fight against corruption and chaos. Now, this order has established itself in Neverwinter, working to fill the void left by the deaths of Tyr and Helm, two deities of justice and vigilance whose churches had previously had close ties to the city.

Membership Requirements[edit | edit source]

There are no level or gear requirements to join the Golden Lions. However, as this order is based in the lore of the Forgotten Realms, some thought into character names and design are necessary to make the guild fit into existing lore and maintain an "in-character" format for roleplaying. We are a new guild, so brand new characters created to join the knights are welcome!

Character Class/Background Considerations[edit | edit source]

The guild is designed to be an order of knights of Torm; thus, with few exceptions, characters in the guild should have selected Torm as a patron deity upon creation. Paladins and clerics of Torm are a perfect fit for the Golden Lions. Guardian Fighters also make sense from a lore perspective. Great Weapon Fighters are also welcome, particularly because Torm himself favors the greatsword.

Other classes are welcome; however, a character biography note explaining how your wizard or rogue is connected to an order of knights of Torm is required. One of the tenets of Torm's church is to assist other good-aligned churches; thus, with the right biographical background, characters who worship other Gods could also work. Perhaps a half-orc ranger of Silvanus has allied himself with the knights because a Tormish church took him in when he was abandoned as a youth.

Character Names[edit | edit source]

Characters joining the Golden Lions should have names that could exist in a Forgotten Realms setting. Characters with names such as "BigMan11" or "SupahKilla" will not be considered. As this is a family-friendly, positive guild, names which are suggestive or inappropriate will not be considered.