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Quick History

The Crimson Orchids was founded on March 20th, 2014 with a handful of U.S. Marines playing Final Fantasy XIV in Okinawa, They quickly became some of the top players in the game and were not to be messed with, On August, 8th 2016 the Orkids moved over to Neverwinter on the PS4 and are once again building their empire this time with more players than ever.

Guild Snapshot

  • Guild Hall: Rank 12
  • Sword Guild Perks 5.75% XP Bonus & 5.75% Stronghold Structure Discount
  • Guild Boons:
    • Offensive (+4000 Power and +3000 Armor Penetration)
    • Defensive (+4800 Defense and +7% incoming healing)
    • Utility (+18% Bonus XP and +3% Mount Speed)
  • Members: ~ 100
  • Free to Play

Alliance Snapshot

  • Alliance level: 122
  • Alliance: The Gathering Storm
  • Helm: GH 18

How to Join

There are a few ways to join the Guild

  1. Apply to our website by clicking here
  2. In-Game search for our name in the "Find a Guild" Menu and send a tell to an officer asking to join
  3. Send a PSN message to dorito_777
  4. Send us a Message on our DISCORD recruiting server, information below under chat


From you, we expect
  • Be mature as drama is not tolerated
  • Be active (a few hours per week is good most of us have lives)
  • Speak English, This is required to partake in chats and necessary for good communication
  • Be willing to help and be helped
  • 1200 Influence per week and 150 coffer gain from gems thats 5 Rank 5 enchants. Not hard if you are doing all of your influence as you will get them at the same time.
From the guild and alliance, you can expect
  • Random Guild Events
  • Assistance with builds
  • Assistance with quests
  • Dungeon and influence runs
  • Mdemo & Dragonflights
  • Guild Bank Access (Limited access to higher repositories but items are available just ask an officer)


We use the DISCORD app for chat within the Alliance. DISCORD is a free application that can be downloaded on most smartphones, computers and tablets. It is easy to use and you don't need any programming experience. For more information about DISCORD please visit their website To connect to our server on DISCORD see below.


There are a couple of ways to get connected on DISCORD, whichever you choose you will need our invite code "VNKEvsd" and we ask that you use your PSN name as your nickname this makes it easier for us to confirm that you are in the guild so we can grant your permissions. Please note this is our recruiting/probationary server, you will be given the Alliance Server info and permissions after you learn how to use DISCORD and have your settings configured properly.

  1. You can use the browser version on the DISCORD site, this is a limited version of the program
  2. You can also download the app on your phone or tablet's app store search for "DISCORD"
  3. The easiest way is to click here this is a direct link to our recruiting server.

Promotion Information

Crimson Rank Chart
Rank Requirements To Maintain Rank
1 Crimson Peasant This is a probationary rank, Be active and meet the minimum weekly donations
2 Crimson Shinobi Stay active and contribute more that the minimum required influence and gems
3 Crimson Ronin Lvl 60, Participation in Alliance events, Guild Events, Registered and posting on the website
4 Crimson Samurai Lvl 70, Recommendation from an Officer, Minimum 1 month in guild and regular coffer donations (having discord helps)
5 Crimson Diamyos Weekly Hosting of Influence, Dragonflight, or Siege, Minimum 3 months in Guild, and using our discord server regularly
6 Crimson Shogun Long-Term loyal members who assist lower ranks and are knowledgeable about the game
7 Crimson Emperor Reserved for Guild Founders

*For all Ranks the previous requirements still apply, Some exceptions may be made to requirements on a case by case basis

**New members will be promoted to Rank 2 automatically if they apply on our website and to our DISCORD server

Contact info

For any guild related questions you may have please feel free to contact us via DISCORD or PSN


Crimson Emperors: dorito_777 | yorkavitch | BerkuLater | KainEvona


Crimson Emperor: dorito#0903

~Dorito 13:17, 23 October 2017 (UTC)