Heavy Inferno Nightmare
Module: 20
Category: Mount
Tag: Mount
Binding: Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Equip
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Sell value: hidden
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The Heavy Inferno Nightmare is a mount that can be found in Icon Lockbox Nightmarechest.png [Nightmare Lockbox]. It is also available from the Icon Lockbox Resurgence Mountpack Epic.png [Glorious Resurgence Epic Mounts Pack] or as a random reward from any queued content.


Heavy Inferno Nightmare
Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Equip

Combat Power: Blast out damage at nearby enemies.
Magnitude: 1,000
Equip Power: +4,500 Critical Avoidance
+2,700 Combined Rating

The stats are shown at max quality.

Crescent Insignia Slot: Empty
Illuminated Insignia Slot: Empty
Universal Slot: Empty

These exceptionally rare creatures come from the Shadowfell, and controlling one takes a very special rider.


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