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About Us[]

  • Platform: PC
  • Guild Hall: Rank 20
  • Alliance: We are a sword guild in the Elite Mercenaria (Primacy) alliance.
    • Alliance Level: 240
  • Members:
    • 15-30 Online members during busy hours
    • 10-15 Online members during inactive hours

Heralds of Lurid Dusk is a friendly, active guild on Neverwinter PC.

Here at HoLD, we want to offer a refuge from the stress of everyday life. Most of our members are working adults who want to destress and have some fun after work. We have managed to build ourselves up to guild hall 20, and are still going strong. We've maxed out all our buildings, and have a strong focus on community building and having fun!

We aim to provide an enjoyable, helpful experience for both new and old players alike. Don't be afraid to ask us questions!

What We Offer[]


We provide the following boons to you at no cost:

  • Power, rank 10 (+8000 power)
  • Armor Penetration, rank 10 (+8000 armor penetration)
  • Defense, rank 10 (+8000 defense)
  • Life steal, rank 10 (+8000 lifesteal)
  • Hit Points, rank 10 (+32000HP)
  • Mount Speed Bonus, rank 10 (+20% mount speed bonus)
  • XP Bonus, rank 10 (+30% xp bonus)
  • Revive Sickness, rank 10 (1:00 duration)


Our alliance does multiple Marauders and BHE (big heroic encounter) events daily, and Dragonflight at least once a day. There are always dungeon runs and hunt parties being formed.

Occasionally we do guild events such as movie and game trivia.


To be a member, we only ask a few things of you.

  • Be relatively active (we have weekly purges to rid the guild of inactive players)
  • Be level 60+
  • Participate in guild/alliance events, chat, and discord when you're able

You can contact one of the following members in-game if you'd like to join us. We have no level or experience requirements (although we do appreciate if you are above level 20)!

  • Silver Lighthand@silverrrrrrr (Leader)
  • Enyo@yopuko (Advisor)
  • Kent@hawkeyes209 (Officer)
  • Arianos Xaii@xandeur#9939 (Officer)
  • Mordimir@Zyronidius (Officer)
  • Kyeva@krumple01 (Officer)

You can also join our discord and request an invite from there, after assigning yourself the HoLD role:


A few members of the HoLD crew posing dramatically in front of our fireplace. Some of our alliance members watching the cart driver's terrible parking skills during a Marauders event. A large group of alliance members participating in a BHE event. Large group of alliance members waiting on a Marauders event to start.