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Higher Ground
Level: 68
Preceded by: Further Vigilance
Followed by: Final Vigilance
Given by: Brokar Ironshod
Starts in: Spinward Rise
Also occurs in:
Ends in: Spinward Rise
Turn in to: Brokar Ironshod
5670 XP small icon.png
21 Currency Icon Tiny Silver.png 27 Currency Icon Tiny Copper.png
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  • Collect Greater Wind Runes from Howling Hatred Cultists around Windcall Temple in Spinward Rise, charge them at Elemental Air Shrines located around the edges of the area there, then use them to Attune the Greater Air Obelisk.


Brokar Ironshod
My friend! I have deciphered the Greater Air Obelisk!

This one requires different wind runes designed to hold more elemental power. Head to Windcall Temple and search the Howling Hatred cultists. Some will possess greater wind runes. Once again, charge them at the Elemental Shrines found there, attune them at the Greater Air Obelisk, then return to me.


  • Collect 4 Greater Wind Runes
  • Charge 4 Greater Wind Runes
    • South Shrine
    • West Shrine
    • North Shrine
    • East Shrine
  • Attune Greater Air Obelisk
  • Return to Brokar Ironshod


Brokar Ironshod
You've returned! Once again, let me invoke the power of Shaundakul to imbue you with the elemental air energies…

There you go, my friend. You should now be able to use the Greater Air Obelisk!

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