Start Sergeant Knox
Level 7
Location Protector's Enclave
Experience 76
Rewards 25Copper small icon

Invoking the Gods is a quest that becomes available at level 11 and which serves to introduce Invocation.

During past beta weekends, there were several ways to start this quest, once you had reached level 7:

  • Speak directly to Felicia
  • Accept the quest through a task in the level up menu ("Strg+P")
  • Receive an in-game mail notification by Sergeant Knox

Once the quest has been started, the Invocation Counter will be displayed, showing the remaining cooldown, and you will have access to the Vault of Piety. As finishing the quest requires using Invocation, it is recommended not to use it before you've spoken to Felicia, so you don't have to wait 1 hour before you can complete the quest. This is because it is actually possible to use Invocation without the quest, it is possible to use it once level 7 has been reached.


Learn about Invocation, a skill that you may use within any Rest Zone such as an Altar, or a Campfire.


Sergeant Knox
You should go see Aralynn the Pious, an invoker who spends most of her time by the Shrine of the Gods, here at the Hall of Justice. She can advise you how to invoke the power of the gods.
I'd like to learn more about invocation.
So, you wish to learn to invoke?

Invocation is a powerful skill, which you may use once an hour in any Rest Zone.

A Rest Zone is an area of blessed ground radiaiting with the influence of the gods, like the ground around this altar.
I'd like to learn more about invocation.
Whenever you invoke you will receive gifts for your devotion.

Try it now, and again every hour or whenever you can, in order to receive the favor of the gods!