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The Neverwinter Journal brings together a great amount of information for your character's adventures in the Forgotten Realms. The Journal can be brought up by pressing the "J" key (default), and has three tabs: Quest Log, Achievements, Lore, and Campaigns.

Quest Log[ | ]

Journal quest log

Quest Log

The Quest Log presents a variety of information and options related to the current quests that your character is pursuing, including Quest Title, Level, Quest Path, Force Display, and a brief summary with more information.

The Quest Log indicates the types of quests that you are pursuing, be they regular quests, dungeons, repeatable quests, Foundry quests, or otherwise. The Quest Title and Level text color reflect the level of quests suitable for your character (gray for lower level, blue for suitable level, red-orange for higher level quests).

The Quest Log allows you to assign your Quest Path (or Golden Trail), which is toggled with the "Z" key (default), to any one of your active quests. You can also choose "default," "always show," and "do not show" display options for the Quest Tracker under the Force Display column. Note that if you are in a party, only the party leader can change the active quest.

The Quest Log seamlessly integrates Foundry quests into your Journal alongside other quests.

Achievements[ | ]

Neverwinter supports a host of Achievements for playing the game and participating in the Foundry community. These Achievements belong to several categories. Some of the Achievements in Neverwinter will unlock new titles or cosmetic items for your character.

List of the categories : Dungeons, Exploration, Foundry Authoring, Foundry Community, General, Heroic Encounters, Professions, PvP, PVP Domination, PVP Gauntlgrym, PVP Icewind Dale, Quests, Seasonal, Skirmishes, Slayer, Special

Lore[ | ]

Journal lore


Neverwinter is a game steeped in rich lore, and the Lore tab of the Journal collects information about the Forgotten Realms as you discover it in-game. You might inspect a tattered banner, for example, and uncover a deeper lore entry about the faction that wields it, or enter a new zone and unlock more information about the area's history. Lore is divided into the areas which you discovered the lore, so if you find a note in Blacklake, you can find that specific note's lore in the Blacklake section.

Campaigns[ | ]

The Campaigns tab contains a list of campaigns for specific zones that can be completed to earn rewards, such as Symbol of Savras, Refinement items and Weapons and Armor.