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The Knox's Adventurer Recruitment Order is a pack that can be bought from the Zen Market for Zen5,000.

Knox has sent out recruitment orders for experienced adventurers to join the ranks in Neverwinter! We will be adding the ability to purchase premade level 70 characters of all classes first offered to anyone who already has an existing level 70 character.

It contains: Starts at 1600 item level equipment including: Elemental Fire primary and secondary weapons Elemental equipment from completing the Elemental Evil Campaign

[Seasoned Adventurer's Artifact Pack] (Character bound)

A choice of one of the following at Rare quality:

[Seasoned Adventurer's Items Pack] (Character bound)

[Painted Owlbear Pack] (Bound to Account)

Your choice of one of 5 uniquely skinned Epic Owlbear Mounts

Epic 110% speed

Various equip powers based on mount chosen

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