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Light in the Darkness
Level: 70
Preceded by: Company of Hunters
Followed by:
Given by: Szoldar Szoldarovich
Starts in: Blood on the Vine Tavern
Also occurs in: Howling Hills
Ends in: Blood on the Vine Tavern
Turn in to: Szoldar Szoldarovich
5342 XP
22Silver, 14Copper
5 Omens
20 Barovian Coins
Duration: {{{duration}}}

Bring camp supplies to Howling Hills.


  • Get camp supplies from Bildrath's Mercantile. Use them to resupply the travelers camp in the Howling Hills.


Szoldar Szoldarovich
The wilds of Barovia are a dangerous place, and it gets worse every day. I spent most of my life in there, and these days I am finding the safety of taverns more comfortable.

But we cannot let these lands fall to beasts and monsters! Hunters have set up travelers camps all around the valley. At these camps you can rest and find safety from a creature who hunts when darkness falls, a creature known as the Night Terror.

Camp supplies must be replenished from time to time. I have purchased such things from Bildrath's Mercantile. If you could resupply the camp in the Howling Hills, you would have my thanks.


  • Talk with Bildrath
  • Take Camp Supplies from crate.
  • Resupply Traveler Camp
  • Return to Szoldar Szoldarovich


Bildrath Cantemir
What can Bildrath sell you today?
Bildrath? Szoldar said I could get some camp supplies from you.
Bildrath Cantemir
Yes, yes. I have Szoldar's camp supplies ready in the nearby crate.

If you ever need more, come back and talk to Bildrath. I can offer you some at a very reasonable rate.

Thanks, Bildrath.


Szoldar Szoldarovich
The fires of the camp are replenished? Good. Anything that keeps back the night is a boon to travelers.

If you want to replenish them yourself, talk to Bildrath. He keeps all the necessary stores on hand.