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Lockbox of the Lost
Module: Maybe earlier than module 20
Category: Container
Tag: Lockbox
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Quality: Epic
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Sell value: Copper8
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The Lockbox of the Lost is Neverwinter's 25th lockbox, introduced October 24th, 2017. Lockboxes can only be opened with an Inventory Misc Lockbox Keys 01.png[Enchanted Key]. Lockboxes are picked-up automatically when your character approaches them.

It can contain (estimated drop chance):

A full preview and review of the lockbox can be found on Neverwinter:Unblogged. The guys over there also maintain a database of drop rates known as the "RNG Value Calculator".


Lockbox of the Lost

You must have an Enchanted Key to open this box.

This box contains:
Tarmalune Trade Bars

And may contain one of the following:

Legendary Carpet of Flying Mount
Carpet of Flying Mount
Savage Allosaur Companion

Or one of the following:

Lost Artifact Pack
Exhumed Companion Pack
Nine Gods Enchantment Pack
Jungle Cat Mount Pack
Lost Stronghold Pack
Tarmalune Tradebar Jackpot

Much has been lost to the sprawling jungles of Chult. That which can be rediscovered is often of great value.

No Level Requirement