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Lost in the Ruins
Level: 70
Preceded by: Pack of Lies
Followed by: The Old Mill
Given by: Ezmerelda d'Avenir
Starts in: Barovia
Also occurs in: Ruins of Berez
Ends in: Barovia
Turn in to: Ezmerelda d'Avenir
5385 XP
23 Silver 69 Copper
5 Omens
20 Barovian Coins
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  • Talk to Vikov Ulrich, then search the Ruins of Berez for signs of the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind.


Ezmerelda d'Avenir
The omens you have gathered seem to indicate the location of the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind! From these omens, I suspect it's located somewhere in the ruins of Berez.

Talk to Vikov. He knows those lands well and may be able to help you locate the symbol.


  • Speak to Vikov Ulrich
  • Search Burgomaster's Fountain
  • Return to Ezmerelda d'Avenir


Ezmerelda d'Avenir
You have found the Holy Symbol of Ravenkind? Wonderful, my friend!

But we cannot celebrate this victory yet. We must find the final item needed to defeat the dark master of Ravenloft; we must find the Tome of Strahd.


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