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Faction: Neverwinter
Race: Tiefling Lich
Occupation: Warlock

Makos performing his binding ritual

Makos is a powerful Tiefling Warlock first seen in the third of the four-parts cinematic trailer The Siege of Neverwinter: the same scenes have also been used for the game opening cinematic.

It is seen confronting a Dracolich from the walls of Neverwinter, using telekinesis to protect his comrades (Celeste and Sergeant Knox) from the falling of a tower and using the same ruins to shield them from the dragon's breath.

In order to lure the dragon's attention he draws an exotic blade which enflames itself and uses it to throw fireballs at the enemy.

He is then meet, as the first character with optional dialogues met in the game, in Neverwinter Fields, where he kneels before the inanimated dragon body (probably the same of the cinematic) trying to perform a ritual to bind his soul and prevent his return.

Makos apprentice giving rewards

Makos appeared again during the "End of the Beta" events: he asks the heroes to fight off Valindra's undead attacks brought through the enclave by five portals randomly opened every 30 minutes and, in the last hours, for five. His apprentice gave the adventurer various rewards in exchange of Bones left by the undead.



I will answer your questions if I can. But do not break my concentration.

  • What happened here?

Valindra had a dracolich under her command when she attacked Neverwinter. It attacked ships in the harbor and then came straight for the city. My friends and I were assisting Sergeant Knox defend the walls when it attacked. There was a terrific battle and we able to defeat it.

  • What are you doing now?

I don't know how Valindra got a dracolich, perhaps a deal with the Cult of the Dragon. The important thing is that we deprive her of it.

When a dracolich is "killed" its spirit returns to a special phylactery. From there, it can possess the body of another dragon and be "reborn".

This dracolich's spirit has not departed yet. I am trying to bind it here. If it cannot return to the phylactery, we may be able to destroy it and deprive Valindra of a powerful ally.

  • Good luck!


These are the items Makos Sells within the Lost City of Omu.

Item Cost
[Suratuk's Ruby Strider] Mako's Favor 50
[Armor of Quick Recovery] Mako's Favor 30
[Poisonous Gauntlets] Mako's Favor 25
[Enduring Boots] Mako's Favor 25
[Ring of Offensive Action] Mako's Favor 20
5x [Superior Potion of Aggression] Mako's Favor 5
5x [Superior Potion of Striking] Mako's Favor 5
5x [Superior Potion of Dueling] Mako's Favor 5
5x [Superior Potion of Unbreaking] Mako's Favor 5


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