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Location Type: Adventure Zone
Within: Underdark
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Levels: 70

Mantol-Derith's loading screen

Mantol-Derith's map



Mantol-Derith is a black market located somewhere in the middle Underdark and it is placed at the shores of the Darklake.[1] It is a meeting point for traders, vendors and travelers of all Underdark races who come together on neutral territory. Its location is known to few only and safe passage to it is rare. Adventurers from the surface often use it as a basis for deeper explorations.

After the Demon Invasion its upper levels were closed since safety was no longer granted. Many traders and denizens have already been evacuated and there are more are waiting to follow.[2]


Ingame Mantol-Derith functions as a Caer-Konig like HUB-city that got introduced with module 8: Underdark. It also inhabits multiple vendors and is the location to the hourly Rage of Demons event. The access grotto to the regular Demogorgon Raid is located on the northern end.

Points of interest[]


Mantol-Derith lies right beneath the Darklake. It mostly consists of old ruins, giant mushrooms and gems, while also having a garden of unique Underdark Flora. There is water dripping from the cealing and the walls are crumbling.[2] Most denizens present are Drow, Duergar or Dwarves and can be seen talking in smaller groups or loudly demanding evacuation in larger crowds.

Scrying Stones[]

View Mantol-Derith Scrying Stones Map for a better overview of the locations.

  • The Darklake at (922,189)
  • Mantol-Derith Docks at (402,-11)
  • Abyssal Grotto at (843,428)


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