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Master Mailsmith

Bonus: +25% Speed

An asset used in common crafting tasks. Can be found in profession booster packs.

Rank 3, Rank 2, Person, Rank 1, Mailsmithing
No Level Requirement

Master Mailsmiths are Mailsmithing Assets that can be hired to perform various tasks in order to raise the character's Mailsmithing level and to produce chain and scale armors for the Devoted Cleric and the Great Weapon Fighter respectively. Mailsmiths are required assets needed to complete most Mailsmithing tasks from levels 14 to 20. They can also be added to tasks that offer optional personnel asset slots to reduce the completion time for those tasks. Additionally, they also count as Rank 1 and Rank 2 persons, so they may be used in lower level tasks that call for [Prospector]s and [Blacksmith]s.

Mailsmiths of quality above Common can only originate from profession booster packs and asset packs, but they may be traded or bought/sold on the Tarmalune Auction House.

Master Mailsmiths provide a 25% speed bonus to the tasks they are assigned.