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Master of Coin
Faction: Stronghold
Race: Halfling
Occupation: Stronghold Management

Master of Coin

Master of Coin is an NPC in the Guild Stronghold southeast of the fountain in the Stronghold Keep. Master of Coin offers a PvP daily quest, and daily quests for campaign zones.


Gives and Completes[]


Master of Coin
Oh, adventurer! I have the perfect thing for you. Our financial reports could use someone else to look over them, specifically how much income we're bringing in versus the amount that we're paying our guards. And then there's the issue with the workers needing to be paid overtime, and wages going over due to the recent wage increase in Luskan...

Adventurer? Why are your eyes glazing over?

  • What do you do around here?
Master of Coin
I'm in charge of all of our finances, which means my goal is to use our money to supply us with useful items.

For example, once you build a Marketplace, I can make a few deals to get us some really good equipment, like [Dragonflight Raid Robes] or a [Dragonflight Raid Ring], just to name a few!

  • Can you tell me your real name?
Master of Coin
Oh, that's a dangerous question to ask around here! The Steward really doesn't want anyone using their real names.

He said it's because he doesn't want us getting overly attached to each other, but if you ask me, I think he's already attached to us.

Anyway, it's a silly little rule, but as long as I get a nice title, I'm all for it!

  • I'll see you around, Master of Coin