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Level Icon Name Commission Proficiency Focus Materials Results (Tier 1-3) Icons Crafting Morale.png Interval Profession XP small icon.png Profession XP small icon.png per Hour Currency Icon Tiny Silver.pngCost per Hour
70 Inventory Consumables Potion T7 Alchemical Electric.png Masterwork Potion of Accuracy Gold small icon.png3 1,300 810-1,200 3x Crafting Resource Slaked Lime.png[Slaked Lime], 1x Crafting Resource Aberrantblood.png[Aberrant Blood], 1x Crafting Resource Mint.png[Wild Mint], 1x Crafting Resource Shark Oil.png[Fish Oil], 1x Crafting Resource Obsidian.png[Volcanic Salt] Tier 1:Tier 2: 40 3h Profession XP small icon.png? - Currency Icon Tiny Silver.png100
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