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Mechanic is an either active or passive class specific ability that can be also Paragon Path restricted.

Mechanics are significantly connected with class abilities often providing an alternative form or additional features.

Example Mechanics[]

Control Wizard[]

  • Spell Mastery: Allows the Control Wizard to slot an additional Encounter Power into his Tab slot. Encounter powers slotted in this way gain additional effects.

Devoted Cleric[]

  • Channel Divinity: When used, puts the Cleric into Divine Mode, replacing his At-Wills with two new At-Wills and empowering his Encounter Powers. These Powers consume Divine Power, which is built by dealing damage.

Great Weapon Fighter[]

  • Unstoppable: Causes the Great Weapon Fighter to break free from Control Effects, and make him immune to them while affected by Unstoppable. Additionally, his At-Will attacks are much faster but slightly weaker, and he resists 25-50% of incoming damage based on how much Determination he had. Determination is built by taking damage or killing foes.

Guardian Fighter[]

  • Guard: Allows the Guardian Fighter to block incoming attacks. This consumes the Guardian's Guard Meter.

Trickster Rogue[]

  • Stealth: You move undetected for a short time. You have Combat Advantage against targets that aren't aware of you, and your encounter powers gain new effects.