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Merrisara Winterwhite
Faction: Elves of Iliyanbruen
Race: Iliyanbruen Moon Elf
Occupation: Faction Leader

Merrisara Winterwhite

Merrisara Winterwhite is an NPC in the Iliyanbruen camp in the New Sharandar. She is the apparent leader of the Elves of Iliyanbruen and provides information and quests related to the Sharandar Campaign.


Merrisara Winterwhite
Your help with our community is appreciated.
  • I was hoping you could answer some questions for me.
  • I have another question.
Merrisara Winterwhite
I will give you whatever answers I am able.
  • Why do you need my help?
Merrisara Winterwhite
It is... complicated. We are an ancient and proud people, and we do not seek the aid of mortals lightly. Even in such a dire situation as we find ourselves in, many here believe that accepting your aid should be beneath us. I believe otherwise, however.

This outpost, New Sharandar, was built to keep the portal that links your world to ours under Iliyanbruen control. However our presence here drew the attention of a fomorian king, Malabog, who wishes the portal for himself. He lays siege to us with his army. We are outnumbered, and cut off from reinforcements from our brethren.

  • Tell me about the Iliyanbruen fey.
    (Grants "Iliyanbruen Fey" Lore)
Merrisara Winterwhite
The Iliyanbruen are an ancient people. Long ago, long even by our reckoning, we rules over a great kingdom in the northern lands of your world.

But the long centuries eventually turned unkind. Most of the Iliyanbruen departed from your world to return here, to the Feywild, our home.

  • Tell me about the Feywild.
    (Grants "The Feywild" Lore)
Merrisara Winterwhite
The Feywild is another world, joined to yours only through magical portals. All creatures of the fey, from elves and gnomes to fomorians and firbolgs, were created in this world. The elves that live in your world are the descendants of those of us who traveled there and decided to stay.
Merrisara Winterwhite
We of new Sharandar have many needs that must be attended. More than mere force is called for. To become a true friend of Sharandar, you must help us in any way you are able. So great is our need.

You must collect Vibrant Seedlings from the Blighted Grove to regrow our forests. Abjuring Charms recovered from the Dark Fey Enclave will help us ward off Malabog's foul magic. Any Iliyanbruen Blades you recover from the Realm of Malabog will arm the guardians of New Sharandar. All these projects require Feywild Sparks to fuel the necessary magic.

Use the Campaign System to complete Campaign projects and unlock new areas to explore and new abilities! Select the Campaign Window button in the toolbar at the top of your screen to open the Campaign Tracker.

  • Thank you.
  • I must be going now.

Quests Given[]