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Big changes will come[]

An overview of the next modules was announced at 2019-02-19, but it was contents expected to contain many fundamental changes. For details, refer to the following link.

What is the impact on this wiki and measures ?[]

This update also requires considerable changes to this Wiki. If multiple editors edited individually, an edit battle may occur, or multiple articles of the same content may be created. In order to avoid that, I would like to advance discussions to decide policy to some extent and to share update work. Originally we should discuss on the Community discussion, but since it is expected that the discussion will be diverse and massive, i made it a separate article.

How long until Undermountain comes?[]

Although I confirmed releases so far, these was released within less than 3 months from two months from the announcement. In other words, assuming that preparation for renewal is one month, the period of time for discussion is only one month to two months.

What we should do?[]

Since I can not predict how the discussion will proceed, I created a subpage for each link above.

We would like to discuss on the 'talk' of subpage and post the agreed matters on the subpage. Since it is a purpose to proceed with the discussion, I think that continuing the discussion even if it deviates somewhat from the title of the subpage, and creating a new subpage as necessary. Do not forget to discuss wiki updates, not updates on Undermountain.