Moonstone Mask
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The Moonstone Mask
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Vital statistics
Type Commons
Level NA
Location Protector's Enclave, Neverwinter
Inhabitants Folk

The Moonstone Mask is a legendary tavern floating off the coast of Protector's Enclave, Neverwinter and is accessed by teleporter. As Liset Cheldar, the current owner explains, when the Spellplague hit and parts of the city started floating away, some guests had the brilliant idea to tether the tavern's block to the ground, so it would stay accessible.

It features a well-Informed Bartender, a campfire, and a VIP Lounge reserved for buyers of the Hero of the North Pack or the Guardian of Neverwinter Pack. The Moonstone Mask is one of two taverns in Protector's Enclave; the other being the Driftwood Tavern.

Notable NPCsEdit