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Workshop Morale
The overall enthusiasm of your artisans and adventures. Some tasks deplete morale and cannot be executed if workshop morale is too low. Workshop morale replenishes to full at the start of every day.

Morale (Workshop Morale) is a Currency used to immediately complete tasks in the workshop. It replenishes daily, or can be manually replenished by talking to your Retainer and selecting the option "I want to replenish workshop morale".

Item Cost Morale Restored
Disburse Bonuses 6,000 Astral Diamond small icon.png 50
Hold a Feast 18,000 Astral Diamond small icon.png 150
Throw a Party 36,000 Astral Diamond small icon.png 300

Small Icon

The small inline version of the icon ( Icons Crafting Morale.png) can be used in other wiki pages via the syntax {{Morale}}.

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