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Mortal Remains
Level: 70
Preceded by: Ghosts of Berez
Followed by: Dishonorable Dead
Given by: Vikov Ulrich
Starts in: Blood on the Vine Tavern
Also occurs in: Ruins of Berez, Barovian Graveyard
Ends in: Blood on the Vine Tavern
Turn in to: Vikov Ulrich
5211 XP
22 Silver 14 Copper
5 Omens
20 Barovian Coins
Duration: {{{duration}}}


  • Find unearthed remains and slay ghouls in the Ruins of Berez, then bury and seal them in the mausoleum in the Barovian Graveyard.


Vikov Ulrich
Those who died in Strahd's destruction of Berez do not rest easy. You've already met some of the ghosts who haunt Berez. Now ghouls dig in the ruins, desecrating the graves of those buried when the village fell.

We should not leave the dead to such a fate. If you can find any remains in the ruins of Berez, bring them to the graveyard and inter them in the high mausoleum. Then use this holy ritual to ensure they remain sealed within. Destroy any of those damnable ghouls you find along the way!


  • Gather Remains (0/5)
  • Slay Ghouls (0/25)
  • Bury Remains in Mausoleum
  • Seal Mausoleum Door
  • Return to Vikov Ulrich


Vikov Ulrich
You have done a good thing. Hopefully the dead can rest easy now.

I will let you know if the ghouls unearth any more bodies.


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