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Mounts are creatures or animals that you can ride to gain increased movement speed. Since Module 21, the ability to ride mounts becomes available at level 2 during the quest, Training Day. (If you have any Zen store mounts, you can claim them and ride through the tutorial.)

The default key to summon a mount is 7. Prior to Patch NW.10.20131120a.14 that introduced the Hunter Ranger class and Artifacts, the default key to call the mount was 6. For characters created prior the aforementioned patch, the key to call the mount remains 6.
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Mounts can be purchased using Gold5, Astral DiamondsAstral Diamonds, Tarmalune Trade BarsTarmalune Trade Bars, Ardent CoinArdent Coins and ZenZen, at the Mount Merchant in the Adventurer's Guild, the Wondrous Bazaar, the Trade Bar Merchant, the Vault of Piety store and the Zen Market respectively. However, those available with Astral Diamonds or Zen tend to be more exotic in rarity. Mounts purchasable with gold tend to be the most accessible for new players.

The mounts bought with Zen are unlocked for the whole account and can be reclaimed by every character via the Zen mount vendor (the price shows as 'free'), once per character. Aside from spending regular currency, players may gain mounts through special means.

Players can obtain free mounts as random rewards for completing any queued content or by opening Juma's Surprise Bag from Juma in Vallenhas. Some unique mounts can also be acquired through Packs and Promotions. For example, those who purchased the Hero of the North pack have exclusive access to a [Heavy Giant Spider] mount, while those with a code from the February 2013 Neverwinter Edition of PC Gamer unlocked either receive the [Pale Horse] or the [Stormraider Horse]. These mounts are account wide accessible and will be available for each character you create.

Some mounts may be linked to limited time events and specialty currency. For instance, the [Blue Ribbon Pig] can only be purchased during the Summer Festival and requires use of an Event limited currency.

Other mounts can be found inside Lockboxes. For instance, the mythic Icons Inventory Mount Griffon Feywild Mythic[Feywild Griffon] has a very small chance to drop when opening an Icon Lockbox Ensorcelled[Ensorcelled Lockbox]. In order to open a lockbox, you must buy an [Enchanted Key] using ZenZen. People with VIP also receive one [Enchanted Key] each day.

Rank and Bolster[ | ]

There are 6 ranks of mounts. Rank affects equip power, combat power, and bolster given. All mounts can be ranked up using Mount Upgrade Tokens, up to a maximum rank of Mythic.

Mount Bolster increases the Total Item Level and the overall effects of the mount Combat Power and Equip Power. (Meaning that Combat Power and Equip Power are affected both by their specific mount's rank and your overall bolster.) Total mount bolster is the sum of the bolster contribution of your 10 highest rank mounts, meaning every character can have a maximum of 100% Mount Bolster, which is obtained by having 10 mounts upgraded to Mythic rank.

Rank Rarity Bolster Bonus Cost to Rank Up
1 Common 0.5% 10 Mount Tokens
2 Uncommon 1% 50 Mount Tokens
3 Rare 2% 100 Mount Tokens
4 Epic 3% 150 Mount Tokens
5 Legendary 5% 200 Mount Tokens
6 Mythic 10% Max Rank

Mount Requisition Tokens[ | ]

At level 2, players receive a [Mount Requisition Token] during the introductory quest, Training Day which they may trade for one of two mounts from the Mount Merchant in The Adventurer's Guild.

Table of Available Mounts[ | ]

Go to Mount Powers for a list of all currently available mounts.

Mount Powers[ | ]

Mount Powers are a feature introduced with the release of the [Eternal Flame Lockbox] and expanded with the release of Module 9: The Maze Engine. As of July 2022, every mount has a Combat Power and an Equip Power. However, all mounts of Epic rank and below have one of three Combat Powers: Explosive Equalizer, Rejuvenating Favor, or Tunnel Vision. Higher-ranked mounts have unique powers. For a list of mount powers, see Mount Powers.

Insignias[ | ]

Insignias are a feature added in Module 9: The Maze Engine. For a list of Insignias, see Insignias.

Mount Collars[ | ]

Mount Collars are a feature that was added in September 2020. There are 15 different types of collars which are broken into 5 different categories: Supportive, Sturdy, Practical, Unified, and Wayfaring. Only 1 collar from each category can be equipped and active at a time.

Each of the 15 collar types also has 5 ranks (from Uncommon to Mythic) and a Base, stat-less rank. It is important to note that each equipped collar is tied to a single mount in the player's stable, and that the rank of the collar cannot be higher than the rank of the mount equipped.