Mysterious Merchant

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The mysterious merchant brings an ever-changing selection of wares from far and wide.

Mysterious Merchant[edit | edit source]

The Mysterious Merchant is a Temporary Stronghold structure that sells various random Decorations and Equipment . It has only one rank, and lasts 1 week.

A Mysterious Merchant can be built at any of the four Millabout Marketplace plots outside the Northwest entrance to the Stronghold

Astral Diamond Chests
600 400 80,000

Goods[edit | edit source]

The goods sold at the Mysterious Merchant are random and change every time it is built. [Scenes of the Sword Coast] is for sale every time along with 1 random portrait, 1 random banner, and 2 random pieces of equipment. Possible items for sale include:

Item Cost
[Scenes of the Sword Coast] 1,500Guild Marks
[Portait of a Noble] 3,500Guild Marks
[Portait of a Scholar] 3,500Guild Marks
[Portait of a Tiefling] 5,500Guild Marks
[Portait of a Necromancer] 2,500Guild Marks
[Portait of a Merchant] 2,500Guild Marks
[Protector's Swallowtail] 3,500Guild Marks
[Royal Lion's Swallowtail] 3,500Guild Marks
[Protector's Standard] 1,500Guild Marks
[Brother Ein's Armlets] 20,000Guild Marks
[Brutal Raider's Shirt] 20,000Guild Marks
[Cannibal Lebuth's Headpiece] 20,000Guild Marks
[Chef Melvin's Ring of Defiance] 12,000Guild Marks
[Duelist's Riposte Cap] 20,000Guild Marks
[Executioner's Black Attire] 30,000Guild Marks
[Guise of the Wolf Clan] 20,000Guild Marks
[Gladiator's Feted Greaves] 20,000Guild Marks
[Happy's Walking Boots] 20,000Guild Marks
[Lord Roy's Shirt] 12,000Guild Marks
[Ring of the Wily] 12,000Guild Marks
[Sandy's Assault Pants] 20,000Guild Marks
[The Last Warden's Breeches] 20,000Guild Marks
[The Magic Lord's Surcoat] 30,000Guild Marks
[Weathered Hydra Boots] 20,000Guild Marks
[Wisley's Dreaded Dueling Wristguards] 20,000Guild Marks
[King's Grips] 25,000Guild Marks
[Crestguard of Gold] 30,000Guild Marks
[Wrangler's Wristguards] 25,000Guild Marks
[Guardsmen's Cap] 25,000Guild Marks
[Boot of the Surefoot] 25,000Guild Marks
[Silent Slippers] 25,000Guild Marks
[Guardian’s Cap] 25,000Guild Marks