Neverdeath Graveyard

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Neverdeath Graveyard
Location Type: Adventure Zone
Within: Neverwinter
Levels: 26-30
Neverdeath Graveyard loading screen
Neverwinter Graveyard map
Neverdeath Graveyard

Neverdeath Graveyard[edit | edit source]

The Neverdeath Graveyard, or simply Neverdeath, is the burial place of the city. Doomguides from the Eternal Order of Kelemvor are responsible for protection of this area.

Lore[edit | edit source]

Graveyard History Since the Ruining & Body Snatching
The last 26 years, following the Ruining, have been unkind to Neverwinter. For the most part, the city has been in ruins. Only a small, determined population has hung on and kept the city from being overrun by outside forces.

During these years, the dead have been buried in any available space. These recent graves have much simpler markers than those from prior time periods, and are clearly hand made by the mourners left behind.

Since the Spellplague, the Graveyard has seen a great deal of body snatching. While the Lord Protector has devoted few of his resources to stopping the practice, so far it has been sporadic and piecemeal. Lately, though, bodies have been disappearing with much greater regularity and in far larger numbers.

A tattered ledger sheet from the Clockmaker's Catacombs sheds light on why: columns and rows fill the page, listing hundreds, maybe thousands, of bodies -- where they came from, where they've been shipped, and what they're being used for. Someone is gathering corpses at an astonishing rate.

Zone Features[edit | edit source]

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Quests[edit | edit source]

See Neverdeath Graveyard Quests for full list.

Scrying Stones[edit | edit source]

See Neverdeath Graveyard Scrying Stones Map for screenshots

  • Craftman's Rest: On a flat area behind the left (north) row of statues at (659, 57)
  • Graveyard of Neverdeath: Hidden by tree on stone ledge near campfire at (139, -500)
  • Pauper's Field: On top of a rock outcropping while crossing bridges near bottom left corner of map at (-344, -265)

Screenshots[edit | edit source]