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Neverwinter is a major city on the Sword Coast of Faerûn, and the site of major story and gameplay elements of the Neverwinter game. The city is based on the Forgotten Realms Dungeons & Dragons campaign setting. The events in the game play roughly 100 years after the Spellplague occurred. Just as the city began to recover, about 25 years ago, Mount Hotenow erupted, causing more destruction. Lord Neverember of Waterdeep has taken over control, and aims to rebuild the city to its former glory, for which it once earned the title Jewel of the North. However, his control over the city remains limited; only in the area known as Protector's Enclave are things under control, does a peaceful life seem possible. In other areas of the city and the surrounding lands, evil forces have taken over and are threatening this last enclave of civilization. The game begins with the adventurer being washed ashore after the evil demon Valindra launched a massive attack, which was just barely repelled by the city's defenders, who will now call upon the adventurer to help them restore order.

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Protector's EnclaveEdit

Main article: Protector's Enclave
Protector's Enclave is the main hub for players, containing shops, the bank and the auction house. This area is peaceful.


The Sewers are not permanently accessible. They are only available through a quest, so there will be monsters to fight.

Moonstone MaskEdit

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Floating over the coast just outside the city, connected by a teleport point. A peaceful gathering place for role-playing, accessing Foundry missions, or just passing the time.

Driftwood TavernEdit

A smaller tavern within the city. A peaceful gathering place for role-playing, accessing Foundry missions, or just passing the time.

Tower DistrictEdit

Mostly under control of the Orcs.

Blacklake DistrictEdit

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Neverdeath GraveyardEdit

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The traditional burial grounds of the city. Now under threat, as evil forces make the deceased come back to join their undead army, threatening to overrun the city.

The ChasmEdit

This massive rift was caused by the eruption of Mount Hotenow. From its bottom, evil demons launch their attacks.

Official Trailer on the CityEdit

Neverwinter - Jewel of the North Trailer

Neverwinter - Jewel of the North Trailer