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Ogrémoch's Artifact Pack
Module: May be earlier than module 22
Category: Container
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Quality: Rare
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Sell value: Cannot sell
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Icon Lockbox Blackearth Artifact Pack.png

Ogrémoch's Artifact Pack is a pack that can be found in the Icon Lockbox Blackearth.png[Black Earth Lockbox].

It can contain:


Ogrémoch's Artifact Pack

Refining Stones are a key component used to upgrade Artifacts during the Refinement process.

This box contains 2 of the following:
Greater Refining Stone Includes Resonance Stones
Refining Stone Includes Resonance Stones
Lesser Refining Stone Includes Resonance Stones

And one of the following:

Shard of Valindra's Crown Artifact
Emblem of Seladrine Artifact
Lostmauth's Horn of Blasting Artifact
Belt of Valindra's Guard Artifact Gear
Greater Belt of the Seldarine Artifact Gear
Golden of Belt of Puissance Artifact Gear
Lesser Refining Stone Includes Resonance Stones

An ornate reliquary prepared by the Cult of the Black Earth as a tribute to Ogremoch.

No Level Requirement
Cannot sell

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