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Patch Notes: NW.45.20150416c.4

Classes and Balance[edit | edit source]

Content and Environment[edit | edit source]

  • Drowned Shore
    • Breathless: Increased the drop rate for the Necklace of Air Breathing.
    • It should now be possible to reach The Drowned Shore without having taken the "Coast Guarding" quest.
    • Merchants in Distress: This Heroic Encounter's timer has increased to 15 minutes up from 9 seconds.
    • Stolen Memories: Slightly increased drop rate for Guardsman Mementoes.
  • Fiery Pit
    • Excavated Tomb: A cutscene that was playing more frequently than intended has been fixed to play only once upon entering the final room.
    • Many polish fixes and text clarification to the quests in this zone.
  • Reclamation Rock
    • Added additional objectives to many quests including more Portals and Scrolls to summon Blackmantles.
    • There is now a tunnel to go from inside Helm's Cathedral to the outside of Scar Keep.
  • Sharandar: Removed the white orb from the Invocation area.
  • Spinward Rise: Battle for Mithral Point Heroic Encounter now goes for the full 20 minutes instead of failing at 15.
  • Temple of the Spider: There is now a campfire before Lord Jevan Jevalhar.
  • Tiamat's Hoard Donation now resets weekly instead of every hour. Tiamat is still available to fight at the end of every hour.
  • Tutorial: Resolved an issue that could put players into a stuck quest state and unable to progress.
  • Tyranny of Dragons: Ghost Stories: All areas within the Ghost Stories quest should now properly level-scale to 70, making the zone a little more manageable.
  • Updated high level "Seal Vendors" to be "Seal Traders" like their counterparts at low levels, and given the fact that they do not sell seals. Updated the high level seal trader in PE to have a more generic title instead of "Unicorn and Drake" and put an icon on the map for him.

Enemies[edit | edit source]

  • Death Slaad: Cloudkill now deals 150% more damage.
  • Valindra: Profane Fire can no longer hit players just outside of the FX area.

Items and Economy[edit | edit source]

  • Armor Reinforcement Kits: The tooltip has been adjusted to more clearly state that they require an item level instead of a required level.
  • Artifacts: Resolved an issue with several Mythic artifacts not getting improved damage such as; [Aurora's Whole Realms Catalogue], [Thayan Book of the Dead] and [Belial's Portal Stone].
  • Bags of Holding: These items are now all Bind on Equip. Any current bags slotted will become bound.
  • Black Ice equipment can once again be salvaged for Black Ice instead on only 1000 Rough Astral Diamonds.
  • Bloodtheft: No longer improperly triggers more times than expected.
  • Briartwine Enchantment: Rank 11 and 12 items now exist and can be created.
  • [Bulette]: Animations and FX has been slightly adjusted to be improved.
  • Companions
  • Daily dungeon bonus rewards, specifically the "[Cache of the Elements]" and "[Cache of the Protector]" rewards granted upon completing eligible epic dungeons have undergone the following changes: After receiving a daily cache, a player will become eligible to receive that cache again after the daily reset, which occurs at 2 AM PST (3 AM PDT, 6 AM EDT, 10 AM GMT), as opposed to 18 hours after receiving their cache. A player must open any cache from the previous day in order to receive a new cache upon completion of a dungeon. Failure to do so may result in the loss of a cache, however, if a player opens their old cache immediately after defeating an eligible boss, they will be granted their new day's cache immediately.
  • Dread Ring: The Bounty Master in Dread Ring will now sell a "Dread Ring Treasure Cache" for 40 [Onyx Fragment]. The cache contains one ring, neck or waist of uncommon or rare quality around the player's current level.
  • Enemies level 72 and higher now properly drop items when the player is not Bolstered to level 70.
  • [Ensorcelled Mulhorand Mace] and [Ensorcelled Mulhorand Shield] now properly scale past level 60.
  • [Forgehammer of Gond]: The Mythic quality of the Forgehammer of Gond will now summon a Mythic quality too that gives +55% to item quality.
  • Gateway: Fix for daily SCA rewards not giving anything 20% of the time when the character is level 60-69.
  • [Greater Belt of the Seldarine]: Resolved an issue wherein the Greater Belt of Seldarine was granting less ability score at epic and legendary quality than expected.
  • [Heart of the White Dragon]: This artifact now correctly activates at player level.
  • Lifedrinker Enchantment: Fixed description in lifedrinker enchantment to better describe the behavior.
  • Loamweave Enchantment: The root caused by this enchantment no longer pierces CC Immunity.
  • Lostmauth Artifact Set: This set bonus no longer incorrectly triggers rapidly on powers that tick frequently.
  • Professions: Corrected the names of a couple profession items to be consistent with each other such as the adamantium jewelcrafting neck items.
  • Pure Terror Enchantment: The root caused by this enchantment no longer pierces CC Immunity.
  • Resolved an issue wherein the [Sharandar Treasure Cache] and [Icewind Dale Treasure Cache] gave level 58-60 rewards regardless of the player's current level."
  • The [Dungeon Master's Guide] will now display dungeon bonus eligibility in terms of "bonuses available today" instead of "bonuses received.""
  • The Paladin artifact weapon "Longsword of Elemental Fire" has been changed to "[Mace of Elemental Fire]," in accordance with this the item's visual appearance has changed as well.
  • The icons for the following items have been updated: [Seal of the Elements], [Cache of the Elements], [Seal of the Protector], [Cache of the Protector].
  • [Wheel of Elements]: The artifact tooltip now specifies the duration of the temporary health and heal over time effect it grants.

Performance and Stability[edit | edit source]

  • Resolved a case where shaders and materials would need to be rebuilt when logging into the game extraneously.
  • Resolved a crash or disconnect that could occur when changing maps.
  • Resolved a crash or disconnect that could occur when entering a Foundry Quest map.

User Interface[edit | edit source]

  • Action point meter now describes how Oathbound Paladins earn Action points.
  • Collections: A number of collections entries have been updated to improve clarity about where and how items are obtained.
  • History: Origins now display the correct version for all chosen Origins.
  • Item tooltips in stores have had a dispel cast on the levitate spell that was causing them to float away in some cases.
  • Level Up Wizard: This UI no longer suggests to go to content you have already started such as Sharandar and Dread Ring.
  • Refinement: Stacks of items may now be slotted instead of individual items. Up to five stacks of refinement items may be used at one times. The estimated total RP value of the stack is displayed when slotted and the actual total value (crits) is displayed when Refined.
  • Zen Market: The sub categories have returned instead of the filter dropdown.