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Patch Notes NW.5.20130812b.8 (


New Zone: Sharandar!

  • Envoys of the Iliyanbruen fey have come to Neverwinter seeking help from powerful adventurers.
  • Level 60 adventurers may speak to Sergeant Knox to investigate the plight of these envoys, starting with the quest, "The Mystery of Sharandar."
  • Once players complete the opening quest line, they will have permanent access to the newest Adventure Zone, Sharandar.
  • Players can come back daily for more ways to help the Iliyanbruen, and in return, they'll have access to new gear, new enchantments, and even permanent passive buffs!

New Feature: Companion Rank-Up!

  • Companions who have maxed out on ranks can now be upgraded for Astral Diamonds!
  • The companion must be the max rank for their quality, e.g. Rank 15 for Common, 20 for Uncommon, and 25 for Rare.
  • Once the companion is trained up to that rank, a button now appears to Upgrade Quality.
  • When the button is pressed, a confirmation dialog will pop up, allowing the player to upgrade the Quality for Astral Diamonds.
  • The Quality upgrade is instant once the Diamonds are paid; the max rank goes up by 5 and the rarity of the companion increases one level (e.g. from Uncommon with a green border to Rare with a blue border).

New Feature: Salvage!

  • For details, check out this developer post!
  • There is a Salvage Trader and station in the western corner of the Seven Suns Coster Market in Protector's Enclave. Purple quality gear may be salvaged for Rough Astral Diamonds.
  • Gear rewarded from the special chest that unlocks after the Dungeon Delves event is now Bind on Pickup – But now the player can chose one of the three available stat allocations for that gear slot!

New Feature: Foundry 3D Editing!

  • Authoring in the Foundry has gained a whole new level of usability: Authors can now make use of a full-fledged 3D Editor!
  • Authors can now select objects from a menu and drop them anew into a map in 3D Editing Mode.
  • In addition, respawn points, teleporters, encounters, and many other types of content can be placed in 3D Editing, instead of having to be pre-placed in the 2D Editor before adjusting them in 3D.

New Professions: Weaponsmithing and Artificing!

New Lockbox: Feywild Lockbox!

New Playable Race: Drow!

New Playable Race: Moon Elf!

Release Notes[]

Major changes noted in red.

Quests and Environments[]


  • Contests in all zones should work more consistently.
  • Daily Quests now reset at 3AM Pacific, instead of 20 hours after they were last completed.
  • The end chests in each dungeon now sparkle red if they are locked. When targeting them, they now have a tooltip that properly explains that they require the Dungeon Delves event to be active at the start of the run.
  • Several skill nodes that were buried behind invisible walls are now free.


  • Minor palette improvements have been made to the environment.
  • The Campfire tutorial tip now states that Injuries can be healed by spending 3 minutes at a campfire, down from 5.

Protector's Enclave

  • At level 60, Sergeant Knox now guides players to meet Lord Neverember.
  • Lord Neverember now offers a rotating daily quest that gives double the Astral Diamonds that Rhix is willing to pay.
  • Minor improvements have been made to the marketplace's environment art.
  • Nest Egg: There is no longer a non-disarmable trap in the sewers.
  • The companions outside the Grand Emporium and the mounts at the Shaundakul Stables have been rotated out for ones new to Fury of the Feywild.
  • The Salvage Trader has appeared in the Protector's Enclave market! See him for details on salvaging Epic items that no longer have a home.
  • Wizard's Folly: Lucian can no longer cause the player's camera to leave the playable space.
  • Wizard's Folly: The Quest Path now properly leads to quest objectives instead of the exit door.
  • Moonstone Mask: Clever players may no longer be able to sneak into the VIP area through creative means.

Tower District

Blackdagger Ruins

Neverdeath Graveyard

  • The respawn location in Craftsman's Rest now has a proper campfire.
  • Correcting History: Addressed a typo in the quest text.
  • Doomguide's Duty: There is now a proper waypoint at the exit of this quest.
  • The Emissary: The reward chest now plays the proper visual effect when it unlocks.

Helm's Hold

  • Devil's Council: Councilman Graves is no longer called Civilian.
  • The campfire in the Old Dirty Dwarf tavern now properly removes injuries after 3 minutes.

Ebon Downs

  • Drowned King's Barrow: The ambient audio is now more consistent across the map.
  • Sealing the Crypts: The objectives of this instance have been consolidated into an objective count.
  • Traps have been removed from one of the barrow hallways to prevent Companions from getting stuck.


  • Gray Wolf Den: Players can no longer climb and fall out of the gameplay space.
  • Gray Wolf Den: The Quest Path no longer cuts out in certain locations.
  • Pit Fight: The boss intro cutscenes now use the proper title text.
  • The campfires in Vellosk now properly remove injuries after 3 minutes.

Icespire Peak

  • Icespire's Frozen Heart: Players can no longer get out of the map through holes in the ceiling.
  • Landmark icons have been added to the travel gate, and the dungeon entrance.
  • Grast the Gut-Cruncher's door behind him may no longer be interacted with while in combat.

The Chasm

  • Cathedral of Madness: There is now properly a Quest Path.
  • Plaguefire Ruins: The campfires now properly remove injuries after 3 minutes.
  • The campfires in the Chasm now properly remove injuries after 3 minutes.
  • The quests in the Chasm now grant rewards appropriate to the levels of the enemies.
  • The Dead Vault: Players will now die horribly when falling outside of the play area instead of just getting stuck.

Rothé Valley

  • Clearing the Nest: The encounters in this instanced quest have been made a bit less hectic.
  • Clearing the Nest: The reward chest must now be looted before leaving through the quick-exit.
  • Night Raid: Several chests and skill objects have been trimmed from this instanced quest.
  • Temple of the Spider: Halbryn Darkstalker's arena no longer doubles up on door geometry.
  • Temple of the Spider: Players may no longer bypass a boss by jumping through a nearby hole.
  • The walls around prisoners held by the drow have been heightened.

Mount Hotenow

Whispering Caverns


  • The Duergar Blasphemer is no longer quite as twitchy when struck.
  • The Luskan Liaison has had a voice update.



  • Injury System: The Injury tutorial tip now properly states that it takes 3 minutes at a campfire to fade, down from 5.
  • Powers that temporarily summon objects or characters, such as [[Shard of the Endless Avalanche] (CW)|Shard of the Endless Avalanche]], now properly benefit from attributes, stats, buffs, and debuffs.
  • Slow effects on powers now have a greater effect on most NPCs. The run speed reduction is now comparable to player speed.


  • Rejuvenation Potions may no longer be used in PvP.
  • Health power-ups triggered in PvP now expire when the player takes damage.

Control Wizard[]

  • Arcane Singularity: This power now properly takes the caster's Intelligence attribute into account.
  • Arcane Singularity: This power now properly deals full damage to level-scaling enemies, such as Call to Arms orcs.
  • Chilling Cloud: The primary target of this power is now properly considered as hit by an AoE for power and proc calculations.
  • Chilling Cloud: The secondary targets of this power are now properly considered as hit by an At-Will instead of an Encounter for power and proc calculations.
  • Chilling Cloud: The visual effect on the third hit of this power now more properly represents its area of effect.
  • Conduit of Ice: This power no longer incorrectly benefits less from the Power stat than intended.
  • Evocation: This class feature no longer incorrectly stacks with itself.
  • Eye of the Storm: This power previously added too much damage for the duration that it lasted. Rather than redesign the auto-crit aspect, it now procs a bit more reliably, but does not last as long.
    • This power now has a 3% chance to trigger from At-will powers, and is 3 times more likely to trigger from Encounters and Dailies.
    • Ranking up the power now also increases the proc chance, resulting in a 5-15% proc rate based on power type used.
    • Its duration has been greatly reduced, and now lasts for 2-3 seconds based on rank.
  • Ice Storm: The lockdown time after using Ice Storm has been reduced by .5 seconds.
  • Ice Storm: This power can no longer affect targets through walls or doors.
  • Maelstrom of Chaos: Hitting targets with Maelstrom of Chaos now refreshes the duration of Arcane Mastery stacks on the player and any Chill stacks on the target.
  • Maelstrom of Chaos: This power can no longer affect targets through walls or doors.
  • Masterful Arcane Theft: The tooltip of this power has been updated with a more accurate description.
  • Repel: The Spell Mastery version of this power now properly counts as an AoE for interaction with other powers.
  • Shield: Shield Release no longer incorrectly multiplies its Action Point gain for every target hit.
  • Shield: Shield Release no longer incorrectly builds a stack of Arcane Mastery for every target hit, resulting in situations where hitting 5 targets would both max the stacks while also instantly reducing its own cooldown.
  • Storm Pillar: Hitting targets with at least a half charged Storm Pillar now refreshes the duration of Arcane Mastery stacks on the player and any Chill stacks on the target.
  • Sudden Storm: Hitting targets with Sudden Storm now refreshes the duration of Arcane Mastery stacks on the player and any Chill stacks on the target.
  • Feat: Alacrity: This feat no longer sometimes appears as though it's applied even when the player does not have the feat.
  • Feat: Chaos Magic: This feat now has a new icon. When applied as a debuff or buff, the icon changes color based on what is applied.
    • Chaotic Fury is red, Chaotic Nexus is blue, and Chaotic Growth is green.
  • Feat: Elemental Empowerment: Some powers no longer incorrectly apply a second stack of the DoT effect from this feat.
  • Feat: Elemental Empowerment: This feat now properly affects some powers that it had previously missed.
  • Feat: Focused Wizardry: This feat now properly applies to all relevant powers.
  • Feat: Frozen Power Transfer: This feat no longer incorrectly extends the duration of other buffs and debuffs on the wizard.
  • Feat: Lightning Teleport: This effect is no longer able to rarely trigger multiple times off the same action.
  • Feat: Malevolent Surge: This feat no longer grants multiple stacks for killing a single target.
  • Feat: Nightmare Wizardry: The wording of this tooltip has been updated to be clearer.
  • Feat: Severe Reaction: This effect is no longer able to rarely trigger multiple times off the same action.
  • Feat: Severe Reaction: This feat can now be resisted by immunity to Crowd Control.
  • Feat: Snap Freeze: This feat was previously offering too much bonus damage for a feat that was so easy to access. The overall damage boost from this feat has been reduced by 5% and it no longer affects Daily powers.
  • Feat: Wizard's Wrath: This feat now properly affects AoE powers.

Devoted Cleric[]

  • Astral Shield (Divine): Healing is now properly considered to come from an Encounter power.
  • Chains of Blazing Light: The chain no longer sometimes activates in a much larger area than intended.
  • Flame Strike: Damage is now properly considered to come from a Daily power.
  • Forgemaster's Flame: Ranking up this power now properly improves the Snare effect as much as stated on the tooltip. This improves the effect.
  • Hammer of Fate: This power dealt far too much damage overall, so it's gained a new feature and had its damage reduced.
    • If the power deals a killing blow, the player will now regain 15% of maximum AP (at max rank). However, the power's overall damage has been reduced by 40%.
  • Punishing Light (Divine): The cost to maintain this power has been reduced by 20%.
  • Soothing Light (Divine): This power now heals for up to 20% more, based on the target's missing health.
  • Sun Burst: Fixed issue where striking an enemy before being in combat would cause it to not generate the extra AP, and where once in combat, healing an ally would always result in the extra AP, even if you had not hit an enemy. Also fixed bug in the tooltip display causing "Action Points" to not appear in the text.
  • Sun Burst: When hitting both enemies and other allies at the same time, the player now gains 25% more Action Points from this power.
    • However, this power no longer incorrectly multiplies the intended Action Point gain per cast by the number of enemy targets affected.
  • Feat: Cycle of Change: This feat no longer counts as an At-will power for the purpose of triggering effects.
  • Feat: Healing Step: This feat no longer counts as an Encounter power for the purpose of triggering effects.
  • Feat: Sovereign Justice: This feat no longer counts as an Encounter power for the purpose of triggering effects.

Great Weapon Fighter[]

  • Bravery: Ranking up this power now affects Run Speed (+15% at max rank), but the Deflect bonus has been reduced to +8% at max rank.
  • Crescendo: This power can no longer sometimes be cast while in the process of casting another Daily power.
  • Crescendo: This power now grants CC immunity while active.
  • Daring Shout: Will no longer trigger some encounter based feats, class features, or Item sets twice.
  • Slam: The damage from this power has been reduced; it had previously done too much damage for its area of effect, duration, and utility, and the intent is to change its focus mostly to utility.
    • The initial cast now interrupts targets, and while slowed, affected targets now deal -15% damage (at max rank).
    • The power now shows its max estimated damage rather than its per-tick value, and per-tick damage has been reduced by 60%.
    • Rank ups now provide 1 additional second rather than 2.
  • Spinning Strike
    • The duration of the spin has been halved.
    • Damage per hit has been slightly more than doubled to compensate for the duration reduction.
    • As a result, this power has significantly greater DPS, and higher damage overall.
    • In addition, this power now charges up slightly faster, has 20% more range, and now displays the total estimated damage rather than the per hit damage in the tooltip.
  • Steadfast Determination: This is now properly affected by bonuses to Determination.
  • Unstoppable: Several odd cases have been addressed that sometimes caused Unstoppable to be toggled on until the player switched maps.
  • Unstoppable: This ability has proven to live up to its name a little too well as of late. In both PvE and PvP it's adding a bit too much survivability for how often it can be used.
    • To help address this, the temporary health from Unstoppable now stacks with other sources of temp health, and is consumed first, but goes away when Unstoppable ends.
    • This means that the temp health granted by Unstoppable will no longer stick around after it ends, making it easier to build further Determination from the remaining temp health.
  • Unstoppable: The tooltip has been updated to correctly state that it grants 8-16% temp health (based on Determination). This is not a change in the actual temp health granted by the power.
  • Weaponmaster's Strike: This power no longer places a long-lasting visual effect on targets. The visual now lasts .5s and has been supplemented by a "splat" to let players know the effect is still active.
  • Restoring Strike: Will no longer trigger some encounter based feats, class features, or Item sets twice.
  • Slam: Now builds twice as much threat to enemies.
  • Feat: Endless Assault: This feat now properly affects Punishing Charge.
  • Feat: Focused Destroyer: The tooltip has had a minor update for accuracy.
  • Feat: Master of Arms: The max Deflect bonus that this feat can provide has been reduced by 33%.
  • Feat: Master of Arms: The first rank of this feat no longer grants a double bonus.
  • Feat: Unstoppable Action: The feat no longer incorrectly increases Action Point gain for longer than expected after using Unstoppable.
  • Feat: Unstoppable Recovery: The tooltip has been updated to properly state that this feat heals the player.

Guardian Fighter[]

  • Combat Superiority: This class feature now properly affects Terrifying Impact.
  • Crushing Surge: The string of attacks from this power is now around 17% faster overall, resulting in increased damage output.
  • Crushing Surge: The heal from the third hit of this power has been increased by 15%.
  • Crushing Surge: The third hit of this power no longer incorrectly benefits less from the Power stat than intended.
  • Ferocious Action: This passive power no longer incorrectly activates at 20% health at Rank 1.
  • Ferocious Action: The Rank Up info of this power now correctly lists the percentage of health at which it activates.
  • Kneebreaker: This power is now properly considered as melee damage.
  • Knight's Valor: Incoming damage from this power is no longer sometimes evaluated as an Encounter power for the purpose of triggering effects.
  • Knight's Valor: This power no longer incorrectly multiplies its Action Point gain for every target affected.
  • Supremacy of Steel: The follow-up AoE power now properly benefits from stats and buffs on the player, and is properly affected by defenses on the target.
  • Feat: Iron Guard: A typo in the tooltip has been addressed.
  • Feat: Pin Down: This feat now properly adds .1 / .2 / .3 seconds to Prone time instead of adding 10 / 20 / 30%.

Trickster Rogue[]

  • Cloud of Steel: This power now has 8 maximum charges, down from 12.
  • Cloud of Steel: Momentum is no longer maintained when jumping and throwing daggers.
  • Duelist's Flurry: This power no longer incorrectly gains slightly too much of a benefit from the Power stat.
  • Duelist's Flurry: When the bleed portion of this power is at 10 stacks, further applications now recalculate damage in addition to refreshing the duration.
  • Gloaming Cut: This power works best as an execute, but lacked the damage to fill that role. To help it better serve its function, it now deals up to 30% more damage (at max rank) based on the target's missing health. In addition, rank 3 of the power now provides more Stealth on kill, and rank 1 provides slightly less.
  • Lurker's Assault: This power now grants 15 / 20 / 25% bonus damage, down from 20 / 40 / 60%.
  • Lurker's Assault: This power now teleports the player to the targeted enemy, if an enemy is targeted.
  • Lurker's Assault: This power can no longer be canceled by Disable effects.
  • Shadow Strike: This power no longer incorrectly gains slightly too much of a benefit from the Power stat.
  • Sly Flourish: The benefit this power gains from the Power stat has been slightly reduced.
  • Wicked Reminder: This power no longer incorrectly gains slightly too much of a benefit from the Power stat.
  • Feat: Speed Swindle: This feat is now properly considered a Control effect for calculations and procs.


  • Many more enemies now call out war cries when they enter battle.
  • Dragons are now more talkative in battle.
  • Fire Archons: Flameshields now wait a random amount of time from the start of combat before teleporting.
  • General Ignazar in Fireguard Fortress now prefers to be a bit closer to players.
  • Mind Flayers' "Enslave Thrall" buff has been reduced in efficacy.
  • Trolls now regenerate three times as quickly, but can no longer regenerate if they have been damaged within the past 4 seconds.


  • All non-Augment companions now have a passive power that unlocks at Rank 30.
  • Equipping Bind on Equip items to a Companion now properly binds the item. A confirmation dialog has been added to prevent accidental binds.
  • [Cantankerous Mage]: Unbridled Force now properly shows a damage estimate.
  • [Cave Bear]: This companion now has a passive 150 Life Steal at level 30.
  • [Cleric Disciple]: The range of Sacred Flame's heal has been increased to 25 feet, up from 10.
  • [Dancing Blade]: The damage of Stab has been increased by 33%.
  • [Dancing Blade]: Stab now gives Combat Advantage for 4 seconds.
  • [Dancing Shield]: Shield Bash now has a 25% chance to daze the enemy for up to 2 seconds.
  • [Dog]: The Crippling Bite tooltip now properly shows the efficacy of its slow effect.
  • [Dog]: This companion's basic attacks now slow the enemy.
  • [Dog]: This companion now knocks down enemies when it has Combat Advantage.
  • [Fire Archon]: Flame Fist has had a tooltip clarity update.
  • [Skeletal Dog]: This companion now has the same passive powers as the Dog.
  • [Mercenary]: Flattened the damage for the Sly Flourish power so that all of its attacks will match the tooltip damage, average damage remains unchanged.

Economy, Items, and Rewards[]

  • Bounty items now go to the Currency bag when picked up.
    • Bounty tokens that were in the Inventory will be auto-moved to the Currency bag.
    • Bounty tokens now stack to 100, up from 40.
    • The Currency bag now has 36 slots, up from 24.
  • Dungeon Loot
    • Purple gear from Epic Dungeon chests now binds on pickup.
    • To supplement this, Epic Dungeons now offer a choice of rewards. When the dungeon event is running and a player would get an item from an item set, the player is now presented with a choice of items of that slot, so he or she can select the desired stat allocation.
  • Enchantments
    • Holy Avenger: This enchantment no longer plays hit FX on the player when casting certain powers.
  • Free Retrain for all players.
    • Usable by clicking the Retrain button in the bottom left of the Powers window.
  • Item Sets
    • Avatar of War Item Set: Will no longer be triggered twice by some powers.
    • Avatar of War: The Onslaught effect now lasts for up to 10 seconds.
    • Champion Mage: The set bonus now properly affects Icy Rays, Sudden Storm, and Conduit of Ice.
    • Fatebender: Stacks are no longer expended on non-offensive powers, such as Shield or the mark portion of Icy Rays.
    • Fatebender: The damage buff from this item set now properly applies to all expected powers.
    • Focal Magi: The 4-piece set bonus now mentions that it can stack up to 6 times, and specifically affects Control-based Encounter powers.
    • Imposing Scrapper: The effect of the 4-piece set bonus now only stacks up to 10 times, for a defense bonus of up to 20%.
    • Knight Captain: The proc from this item set no longer attempts to trigger multiple times when using certain powers. (Also affects Antiquated version.)
    • Mage Lord: The proc from this item set no longer triggers off powers that affect the player, such as the initial cast of Shield.
    • Miracle Worker: The healing from Seeker's Beacon can no longer be deflected.
    • Shadow Weaver: When using certain spells, the 4-piece set bonus will no longer buff enemies.
    • Shadow Weaver: The 4-piece set bonus no longer applies to powers that do not actually attack foes.
    • Stalwart Bulwark: This set bonus has been reworked. The new effect is as follows:
      • When you are blocking, strikes against you generate stacks of Stalwart Bulwark. Your next power deals 20 bonus damage for each stack of Stalwart Bulwark on you. You may have up to 10 stacks.
    • Timeless Hero: The proc from this item set no longer triggers multiple times when using certain powers.
  • Wondrous Bazaar
    • The Gilded Giant Spider mount has been added.
    • Enchantments and Runestones have had their cost to unslot reduced by 11% on average, with a bigger reduction at the higher end and smaller reduction at the lower end.
    • Feat Respecs have had their cost reduced by 11% on average, with a bigger reduction at the higher end and smaller reduction at the lower end.
    • Item Transmutation has had its cost reduced by 11% on average, with a bigger reduction at the higher end and smaller reduction at the lower end.
    • [Dancing Shield], [Dancing Blade], and [Cat] Companions in Wondrous Bazaar have their price reduced by 15%.
    • Level 60 Blue Gear at the Wondrous Bazaar has a 15% price reduction.
  • 12 slots have been added to the Resource bag.
  • Adventurer's Reward Packs now properly come with Greater Scrolls of Identification.
  • Chests in the world may now be interacted with by more than one player at a time.
  • Enchantment and Runestone drop rates from Skill Interacts and non-boss critters have been reduced slightly.
  • Gemmed Elegant Pants now actually display as pants (instead of a second shirt).
  • If a player has an item equipped and an identical item in the inventory, the items now properly switch when double-clicking on the one in the inventory.
  • If a player has no lower-tier Scrolls of Identification and tries to identify a lower-tier item, any other valid ID scroll in the inventory will now be used.
  • Items purchased via Seals and Glory are now bound to the character when purchased.
  • Resources and Assets may no longer be put into banks.
  • Seal of the Lion and Seal of the Manticore vendors
    • There were multiple inconsistencies across classes and levels with what gear was available, what level each piece was, what Enchantment slots the piece had, and in some cases, which stat the gear was providing. These have been changed to be more consistent, and now all classes should have all slots of gear available on each of these vendors, and a wider range of levels should be available as well.
    • Prices for all items in these stores have been reduced.
  • The Astral Diamond refinement limit now resets daily at 3AM Pacific time, regardless of when the player refined over the past day.
  • The cost of Tier 2 seal items has been adjusted to bring them closer to Tier 1 seal costs.
  • When a player has a full inventory and walks over items that are automatically picked up, the items are now properly left on the ground.
  • All Bounty Stores (except those new in Sharandar) have had the cost needed to buy a Seal reduced from 40 Bounty Items to 20.
  • Most mounts have received updated rider positions and animations to reduce clipping and improve the overall visual appearance.
  • Fixed an issue where a number of FX that are normally displayed on the player's character would display on their mount instead when mounted.
  • Profession assets that were previously stuck in an “In use” state under rare conditions should now be ready for use.


  • With the release of Fury of the Feywild comes a new suite of assets for use in the Foundry! Among these are…
    • Costumes: Moon and Sun Elves, seen in the Sharandar zone itself.
    • Custom Interior Kit: Elven City
    • Encounters (New): Redcaps, Trolls, Fomorians, Cyclopes.
    • Encounters (Special): Adventurers.
      • The NPCs in these encounters use modified versions of player powers. They come in Friendly and Enemy varieties.
      • Classes: Cleric, Wizard, and two types of Guardian Fighters are currently represented.
    • Maps: Sharandar and its instanced areas.
    • Objects: All new Feywild assets – Props, FX, and Skies.
    • The Search feature has had a significant upgrade!
    • Note: Currently, authors are unable to tag their quest as "Starts in Sharandar." This is to prevent authors from unintentionally creating quests that only level 60 players can participate in.
  • 3D Edit Mode
    • Returning from Edit Mode now spawns the author at the correct Y location.
    • The ESC menu can now be clicked on when entering the menu with an object selected.
  • Search Improvements
    • Performance has been improved for searches with Language set to All.
    • Players may now click an "Exact" checkbox when specifying Author or Short Code.
    • The Featured tab now shows featured archives.
    • There is now a "Show Advanced" button allowing players to do a quick or powerful search at their leisure.
  • Actors are now always visible in an Encounter even when fully zoomed out.
  • Authors may no longer incorrectly enter Edit Mode when previewing their projects in Cryptic maps (like Protector's Enclave).
  • Searchable tags can be added to quests by players during the review process (i.e. "Story Rich," "Combat Heavy," RP," or "Exploration.")
  • Drowcave buildings now have doors.
  • Fantasy Forest trees have an updated texture that tiles more gracefully.
  • Fantasy Forest trees have had a major optimization pass.
  • "Invalid Name" errors in project names now properly explain the reason for the error.
  • Keybinds have been updated to support the current suite of commands.
  • Reach Marker objectives no longer incorrectly show many more maps than expected.
  • The "Clear Room" and "Populate Room" buttons once again function in the Map Editor.
  • The Delete Characters button is now clearer in its purpose.
  • The Preview Editor now supports editing the positions of Teleporters, Traps, Reward Chests, Combat Jobs, Sounds, and Respawn Points.
  • The Quest Path has been repaired in several prefab maps, including Stormcaller Caves, Sanatorium, and Shadowfire Caverns.
  • There is now a Free-Camera mode in the Preview Editor.
  • When changing an Encounter, Actor properties are now reset. There is a confirmation dialog to help prevent wiping Actor properties by accidentally changing an Encounter.
  • When the ampersand (&) is used in a quest title, it no longer shows up html encoded (&) in the quest journal.


  • Auction House search now works in Internet Explorer 8.
  • Profession tasks now correctly show red text on resource quantities when a task is higher level than the player's profession level.
  • Professions: It is now clearer when a profession is at its maximum rank.
  • The Auction House now loads more quickly.
  • The background of the login page has been updated for the Fury of the Feywild module.
  • The Inventory and Zen Market pages are now active in Gateway.
  • Tooltips now look a bit better in Gateway.
  • When automatically logged out after being inactive, then refreshing, text no longer tends to overlap other text.
  • When switching pages, tooltips no longer linger.
  • Fixed checkboxes occasionally not functioning properly on some screens.
  • Fixed an issue where Internet Explorer 8 would stop functioning under certain circumstances.
  • In order to make sure players are running the newest version of Gateway, browsers are now less likely to cache older Gateway versions after an update.
  • Clicking on an item in the inventory on an iOS device should now respond properly.

Graphics and Stability[]

  • Another wave of known client crashes has been addressed.
  • Cloth collision has been improved. It should be much less likely to get stuck in strange positions or in the middle of characters.
  • Further improvements have been made to performance when deciding whether to draw objects behind certain large buildings.
  • Improvements have been made to texture loading, so that characters don't show a too-low level of detail for the distance at which they're viewed.
  • The game should now remember window settings much more consistently when using the non-primary monitor.
  • Video Options: An option has been added to enable NVidia Temporal Anti-aliasing (TXAA) on supported graphics hardware.
  • Occlusion for very large interior rooms should be improved in cases where you would be unable to see objects past a certain distance.


  • Combat damage floater text is now translated.
  • Many enemy war cries have been localized into all supported territories.
  • Certain accented characters (such as é) now display correctly in text.



  • When returning to an instance, the player is now placed at his or her previous location.

User Interface[]

  • Chat
    • A Looking For Group channel has been added with /LFG and /LFM as aliases.
    • "Interaction Failed" notifications no longer write to the chat box. They still appear on screen.
    • It should no longer be required to press ESC twice to get out of chat text entry.
    • Pressing Enter to start chatting now enters cursor mode, and sending a chat message (with no other windows open) now leaves cursor mode.
    • The Trade channel now accepts /wtt, /wts, and /wtb as chat channel aliases.
    • The Zone and LFG chat channels no longer allow item links. All other channels (e.g. guild chat, party chat, custom channels, and of course Trade) still allow item links.
    • Trade and LFG are now default chat channels. Item links are now allowed in Trade.
  • Change Appearance: Bound items now properly show up in the Change Appearance menu.
  • Character Select: When attempting to delete a character, the confirmation now explicitly states that all items, trade bars, gold, and Astral Diamonds will be deleted along with it.
  • Character Sheet: The Character, Powers, and Feats tabs now glow if players have unspent Ability, Power, or Feat points, respectively.
  • Character Sheet: When swapping equipment while the Character Sheet is up, the new equipment now properly shows up on the character model.
  • Companion tooltips no longer say "Right-click to bind" when viewing them from the Vendor UI or chat.
  • Emotes: The chat text on all emotes has been reviewed. Any text that was missing proper punctuation or grammar has been addressed.
  • Enchantment: When slotting Enchantments or Runestones, the confirmation dialog no longer shows the Astral Diamond cost to unslot.
    • This is intended to clear up confusion; at first glance, it appeared that it was a cost to slot instead of unslot.
  • Feats: The Summary and Tree views of the Feat UI may now be swapped at any time.
  • Feats: The title of each Paragon feat tree has been moved to the top of its entry. It now has a tooltip with the summary of that tree.
  • Game Menu: The "ESC" menu no longer allows players to click multiple buttons at once when a confirmation dialog is popped up.
  • HUD: Power Tray: When dragging a power, it is now significantly clearer in which slots the power can and can't be placed.
  • HUD: Temporary health is now displayed in the health bar tooltip.
  • HUD: The Character Sheet button in the top bar now glows if the player has unspent Ability, Power, or Feat points.
  • Inventory: Double-clicking to unequip a bag no longer sometimes causes that bag to disappear.
  • Journal: In-progress Achievements are now more visually distinct from completed ones.
  • Journal: The scroll bar no longer vibrates in certain situations.
  • Journal: There have been several minor layout fixes to the Journal UI.
  • Mail: Text no longer overlaps when the player has no messages in his/her inbox.
  • Mail: When attempting to mail a bound companion, the mail no longer incorrectly claims that the companion may be unbound.
  • Powers: The General Powers section may now be collapsed.
  • Professions: Alchemy icons have had a visual update.
  • Professions: Profession category tooltips now show when the player is at max rank in that profession.
  • Professions: The Professions UI may now be resized vertically.
  • PvP: Capture Point icons now show up on the minimap.
  • Queue Status now properly updates the "Accepted / Declined" circles when a queue has popped.
  • Queue titles no longer have prefixes such as "Dungeon" or "Skirmish," as there are now icons that display that information.
  • Report a Bug: /bug window now stays on screen instead of disappearing immediately after invoked
  • Several windows have been updated with minor cosmetic updates, such as slight gradients in backgrounds, contrast improvements, smoother formatting, and more.
  • The checkerboard background texture in the Foundry has been adjusted to be easier on the eyes.
  • Tooltips
    • Certain items no longer display "Use" text despite being unable to be used.
    • Certain items no longer display [Used in Quest ""] on their tooltip.
    • Items that cannot be sold no longer display "Double-click to sell" while in the Vendor UI.
    • Items with an expiration time now properly distinguish between real time and game time.
    • Items with an expiration time now properly show their time if they have less than one minute remaining.
  • Web link buttons in the Foundry now have an icon indicating that they will open a browser.
  • Zen Market preview images have been updated to address blurring.
  • Zen Market: The Featured Items list no longer acts as a scrolling filmstrip, but can be paged through.