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Patch Notes: NW.50.20151022c.1

Masquerade of Liars has been updated!

The [Masquerade of Liars] will run from Thursday, October 29 to early Wednesday, November 4. The process of converting [Liar's Charm]s into [Masquerade Token]s has been updated, and there's a new Artifact for those still working on their Artifact slots.

Highlights[edit | edit source]

Legendary Mounts[edit | edit source]

  • Many Legendary quality mounts, old and new, now have a 140% move speed bonus.

Classes and Balance[edit | edit source]

Content and Environment[edit | edit source]

  • (PvP) Domination
    • Active Companion Bonuses are no longer applied to players in Domination PvP.
  • (PvP) Gauntlgrym
    • Active Companion Bonuses are no longer applied to players in Gauntlgrym PvP.
  • (PvP) Stronghold Siege
    • Archer Towers now display a debuff icon over affected targets.
    • Players who are part of guilds that have not yet visited their Stronghold map no longer have a chance to end up with invisible walls in their side's Guild Hall in Stronghold Siege.
  • Siege Tutorial
    • After completing the ballista, players now always have access to the central supply wagon for more [Supplies].
    • A new objective, "Lead Pack Horse to Siege Point," has been added.
    • Catapult boulders now properly impact the guild hall.
    • Players are now properly scaled to level 60 in this tutorial.
    • Players may now capture the enemy depot with any number of Supplies.
    • Players may now travel across the entire center lane and return to their guild hall.
    • Tutorial tips are now more spaced out to prevent overlapping audio.
  • Strongholds
  • Several holes in the environment and walls without collision have been patched up.
  • Several textures are no longer significantly lower resolution than their surrounding environment.

Items and Economy[edit | edit source]

User Interface[edit | edit source]

  • Auction House
    • Auction bids no longer can become stuck in a state where they cannot be outbid.
    • When editing Search text, pressing arrow keys once again properly moves the cursor, rather than shifting focus.
  • Calendar
    • The Calendar UI has seen a significant update.
    • The view is now three weeks long, and clicking "Back" or "Next" advances the view by a week.
    • There is now an event list in a new pane on the left.
  • Chat
    • Configure Channel: Pressing ESC now properly closes the window while the Chat Tab Name text entry has focus.
    • Players who joined certain custom chat channels can now properly leave them. This only affected chat channels with the same name as an official chat channel.
  • Guild
    • Guild Bank Permissions text entry fields now properly prevent invalid entries.
    • The Information tab has seen feedback and layout improvements.
    • The Roster tab has seen a change in layout.
    • The Search tab has seen minor improvements.
    • The Settings tab has seen minor browsing and display improvements.
  • History (Character)
    • When closing the History tab with a blank history field, the chat will no longer say "Description changed."
  • Home Page
    • Campaign information tiles now properly show information when clicked.
  • Invocation
    • Invoking now only takes one attempt to succeed.
  • Inventory and Item Tooltips
    • Artifact gear now consistently shows artifact tooltip art.
    • Items that cannot be equipped by your class no longer show equip comparison information.
    • When purchasing a VIP Reactivation through the Inventory UI at rank 12, the tooltip no longer incorrectly claims that it will increase the VIP rank to 13 or higher.
  • Mail
    • When entering or editing text, pressing arrow keys once again properly moves the cursor, rather than shifting focus.
  • Minimap
    • The events slider now slides closed after five seconds.
    • The player may still click on the arrows to reopen the slider.
  • Professions
    • Bound resources are now consistently used in tasks before unbound versions of the same resources.
  • Social
    • Find Guild: When websites are truncated due to length, their full addresses are shown in a mouseover tooltip.
  • Stronghold
  • VIP Benefits
    • The "Claim Per Diem" button no longer glows if the player cannot currently claim, e.g. if they have not yet completed the tutorial.
    • The Zen Market no longer incorrectly tells players their VIP time is running out when they have more than a week of time remaining.
  • Graphics and Visual Effects
    • Swirl effects of the [Air Archon] companion no longer draw through walls.

Stability and Performance[edit | edit source]

  • Lair of Lostmauth: Various visual effects in the Lostmauth encounter have been optimized for improved performance.
  • A map-wide disconnect case has been addressed.
  • Several client crash cases have been addressed.
  • Server performance is slightly improved.

Gateway[edit | edit source]

  • Players with the Auction House fee reduction VIP benefit now properly have reduced fees on Gateway.