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Patch Notes: NW.55.20151105a.2

Patch Notes for Underdark


Featured Quests[]

Featured Quests written by R.A. Salvatore! - [Dev Blog]

  • We're excited to offer "The Dwarven King", a series of quests written by R.A. Salvatore.
  • Join Pwent, Regis, Bruenor, and more on a series of adventures that take you across the Sword Coast!
  • You can begin these quests at level 60 by talking to Captain Belgold inProtector's Enclave.
  • Completing these featured quests will unlock access to Mantol-Derith, the gathering point for the new Underdark Campaign.

Underdark Campaign[]

Underdark Campaign - [Dev Blog]

  • Help the denizens of the Underdark stop the flow of demons from the Abyss!
  • The Underdark Campaign will unlock for players who are at level 70 and have completed the featured quest series, "The Dwarven King," written by R.A. Salvatore.
  • The Underdark Campaign will allow players to access powerful boons and equipment to push back the demon hordes from the Abyss!

Demonic Heroic Encounters[]

New Skirmishes[]

New Skirmishes - [Dev Blog: Throne of the Dwarven Gods] - [Dev Blog: Prophecy of Madness]


Demogorgon - [Dev Blog]

  • The Prince of Demons has been released from the Abyss, and it's up to you to prevent him from destroying the world as you know it!
  • The battle against Demogorgon requires 10 players.
  • At the top of every hour, players can fight Demogorgon by gathering in Mantol-Derith and going to the cavern where he lurks.
  • Defeating Demogorgon and advancing in the campaign allows players to unlock an Epic version, available through the Queue System.
  • Be warned, the Prince of Demons has more tricks in this fight, but gives rewards worthy of epic adventurers!

Stronghold Updates[]

Stronghold Updates - [Dev Blog]

  • Strongholds continue to expand in this latest module!
  • Guilds will have access to a new Production plot at Rank 15, allowing them to build new structures to increase production of resources or the size of their coffers.
  • A new PvP tower has been added: the Spore Tower!
  • The Spore Tower will produce mushrooms that significantly heal guild members.
  • At later ranks, it will heal guild members when enemy players are killed near it.

Trade Bar Store Update[]

Trade Bar Store Update - [Dev Blog]

  • The Trade Bar Store in Protector's Enclave has seen major updates!
  • Many prices have been adjusted in this store.
  • Fashion items and dye packs have moved from the Zen Market to the Trade Bar Store, though they'll remain available in the Zen Market until December 17.
  • Trade Bars are now Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds To Account on Pickup, too!
  • If you want to transfer them between characters, go ahead and deposit them in the Shared Bank, accessible via the normal bank tellers in Protector's Enclave.
  • The Trade Bar Store is now accessible remotely, via the Wealth tab of the Inventory, so spending those Trade Bars is a whole lot more convenient!
  • To gain Trade Bars, open any Lockbox with an [Enchanted Key].

Gear Preview[]

Gear Preview - [Dev Blog]

(Wherever you can see an item tooltip, you can right-click on that item to bring up the new Gear Preview UI!

  • Using this feature, you can see just how a given item would look on your character, and even construct an entire outfit for preview.

Known issue: Players currently cannot preview gear of other classes than their own. This will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

Masterwork Recipes[]

Masterwork Recipes - [Dev Blog]

  • Those with a Stronghold rank of 12 or higher and a crafting profession rank of 25 can now receive a quest line that will put their crafting abilities to the test.
  • Through challenging work, dedicated artisans will be able to create item level 140 gear that may be freely sold and traded.

Known issue: Certain gear given by Masterwork Professions currently has no required level. This will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

Elemental Artifact Weapons[]

  • New quests are available from Archdruid Morningdawn at the Tree of Elemental Balance in Protector's Enclave.
  • One quest can be accepted at a time, allowing players to complete Heroic Encounters in Elemental Evil zones for progress toward new Elemental Artifact Weapons.
  • The more difficult the encounter, the better the chances to gain progress.

Known issue: Accepting multiple Elemental Artifact Weapon quests prevents the player from gaining progress in those quests. To work around the issue, a player may drop all of those Artifact quests, then accept only one. This will be addressed in an upcoming patch.

Additional Notes[]

Classes and Balance[]

  • Control Wizard
    • [Ice Knife]: Fixed an issue that caused this power's visual effects to display even if the power was cancelled via a Shift-Teleport.
  • Devoted Cleric
    • Empowered: This power's icon has been updated to match Divinity, instead of using the Sun Burst icon.
    • Empowered: More information has been added to this power's buff tooltip.
    • [Sun Burst]: A typo has been addressed in the Divine version of this power.
    • [Sun Burst]: More information has been added to this power's buff tooltip.
    • Divine Oracle: [Prophecy of Doom]: Now correctly benefits from buffs and debuffs on the caster.

Content and Environment[]

  • Blackdagger Ruins
  • When Kallos Tam is pulled out of his room, the fight now resets.
  • When the Adventurers are pulled out of their room, the fight now resets.
  • General
    • All new major pathing issues that cropped up in the last few weeks are now addressed.
    • Dread Ring: The Thayans have decided to slow down the number of zombies thrown at the main camp, preferring to save them for powerful adventurers instead of the Neverwinter guard.
  • Enemies in the Gate Crashers skirmish now consistently enter the arena.
  • Gate crystals in the Chasm now consistently show health bars.
  • Players may now queue for level 60-69 and 70 PvP maps from the battlemaster in the Trade of Blades.

Items and Economy[]

    • The daily refinement cap is now 36,000, increased from 24,000.
    • Dungeons, Skirmishes, and PvP now give 50% more Astral Diamonds per completion.
    • The maximum earnings from each of these sources have been raised by 50% as well.
    • Weekly quests now give 50% more Astral Diamonds per completion.
    • Blue-quality companions in the Wondrous Bazaar now cost 400,000 Astral Diamonds, reduced from 650,000 - 800,000.
    • Upgrading a companion from White quality to Green quality now costs 50,000 Astral Diamonds, reduced from 300,000.
    • Upgrading a companion from Green to Blue quality now costs 250,000 AD, reduced from 500,000.
    • Upgrading a companion from Blue to Purple quality now costs 500,000 AD, reduced from 750,000.
    • Astral Resonators now directly grant 40,000 - 50,000 AD, rather than sending players to harvest the same amount. This only changes gameplay; reward chances and values are unaffected.
    • A new item category, "Always Double Refinement," has been added. Items with that category listed on their tooltip are always refined into others at a "Double Refinement" rate, but are not affected by 2x Refinement events.
    • Artifact Weapons rank 15 and above are now tagged with Always Double Refinement.



  • The item level of a number of jewelcrafting rare task items has been adjusted from 120 to 122 to be in line with other, similar rare profession tasks. The high-quality and gemmed versions of these items are not affected.


  • Explorer's Charts are now available to purchase from Explorer's Guilds rank 6 and above.
  • These charts allow players to acquire resources for Masterwork Recipes and their related quests.
  • This requirement will change to a Rank 6 Marketplace in a future build.
  • The price per Chart will increase by 50%, but a Rank 6 Explorer's Guild will allow players to harvest twice the resources.
  • Stronghold Artifact Weapons are now Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds To Account on Pickup, rather than Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Pickup.
  • The cost of Stronghold Artifact Weapons has been adjusted.
    • There are now three alternate pricings.
    • Before: 15,000 Guild Marks, 25 Fangs of the Dragonflight, 25 Fallen Banners, 1 Stronghold Class Armament
    • After:
      • PvE: 15,000 Guild Marks, 25 Fangs of the Dragonflight, 1 Stronghold Class Armament
      • PvP: 15,000 Guild Marks, 25 Fallen Banners, 1 Stronghold Class Armament
      • Mix: 15,000 Guild Marks, 10 Fangs of the Dragonflight, 10 Fallen Banners, 1 Stronghold Class Armament
    • The Gemmonger in the Stronghold now has Demon Slayer and Demon Ward marks in stock when the appropriate marketplace rank is reached.
    • The required rank to purchase Stronghold Artifact Weapons is now Marketplace Rank 6, down from Marketplace Rank 8.

Zen Market[]


  • Players now have one additional bag slot!
  • Champion's [Armored Bulette]: This mount is now Legendary quality.
  • [Claw of Bahamut]: This item is now Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds To Account on Pickup, rather than on Icons Inventory Binds.png Binds on Equip.
  • Eldritch Runestones: Equipping multiple Eldritch Runestones of the same rank now properly transfers additional Movement and Tenacity, instead of only providing you the benefit of having one equipped.
  • Eldritch Runestones: The buff icon now has better text, instead of just reading "Augment."
  • [Fey Blessing Enchantments] have been renamed to match the naming convention of other similar enchantments.
  • Guild PvP armor from Strongholds has been updated with unique coloring to differentiate it from PvE armor.
  • Heroic Encounters in the Stronghold may now drop grimoires equippable by companions, in addition to existing companion equipment.
  • Legendary items may now be used to refine other items.
  • [Pure Holy Avenger Enchantment]: The tooltip text no longer references astral resonators.
  • [Terror Enchantment]: The tooltip text has been updated to be more accurate.
  • The [Silver-Scaled Cleric Disciple] companion is once again available from the Dragon Scale Merchant.

User Interface[]

  • Alteration
    • Players may now purchase [Change Appearance Token]s from this UI even if they haven't yet made changes to how their character looks.
  • Campaign
    • If a campaign task has changed from non-repeatable to repeatable, e.g. with the Valindra's Tower Key task, these tasks are now properly repeatable for players who had already completed them.
  • Collections
    • Collections - The order of the "Zone Rewards" section has been updated to be consistent with the order in which they released.
  • Companions
    • When a companion is ready to train, its tooltip now shows XP values in addition to the "Ready to train" message.
  • Guild
    • Minor improvements have been made to the Guild Settings UI.
    • In the Guild Bank, the "Withdraw" option in the context menu is now disabled if the player cannot withdraw the item.
    • In the Guild Bank, when selecting the Withdraw option via the context menu on an item stack, a slider now appears instead of the whole stack being withdrawn.
  • HUD
    • Debuffs now display before buffs in player status effect lists.
  • Inventory and Item Tooltips
    • Item count sliders may now go past 999 when entering values in manually.
    • Items now display the word "Salvageable" next to their sell price if they can be salvaged.
    • When transferring items out of the Overflow Bag, there is no longer an error if there are more items in the Overflow Bag than empty space in the inventory.
    • Instead, items are removed from the Overflow Bag until the remaining space fills.
  • Refinement
    • When consuming an item for refinement that could instead be salvaged, there is now a prompt informing the player of that.
    • The "Reagents Needed" now more clearly displays the required quantity.
  • Stores
    • Store subtabs no longer truncate their names as frequently.