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Patch Notes: NW.62.20160613a.4


The Celebration of Lliira has returned!

The festival honoring the Lady of Joy is back in Protector's Enclave!

Join other players in setting up dazzling displays of fireworks in Neverwinter. These firework displays start every thirty minutes on the bottom and top of the hour, and those who contribute at least five Professional Fireworks have a chance to gain a token of Lliira's Favor, which can be spent on such items as Lliira's Bell or the Starry Panther mount.

There have been a couple quality-of-life updates to this event:

  • Double-clicking on Professional Fireworks no longer opens the Professions window.
  • The mortars now display at all times, and show an error message when the Light up the Night event is inactive.

Release Notes[]

Content and Environment[]

Elemental Evil[]

Sword Coast Chronicles Campaign[]

  • Benign Order of the Third Eye Campaign: This campaign now shows a more accurate percentage of completion.
  • Minor typos have been addressed.
  • Various voice-over lines have been reviewed for consistency.


  • Captain Dunmish no longer claims incorrect criteria to get to Icewind Dale.
  • Epic Artifact Equipment: This quest has been temporarily removed in preparation for a later update.
  • This quest was just a tutorial, and was not required in order actually earn epic artifact equipment.
  • Grazilaxx's dialog audio now more closely matches the text.
  • Master of the Hunt: This Skirmish now properly scales players and enemies to level 64.
  • Prophecy of Madness: The timer to defeat the boss no longer loops.
  • Prophecy of Madness: Small Abyssal Tears now give 50% more progress toward Silver / Gold rewards when closed.
  • Prophecy of Madness: In the variant where players defeat demons instead of close Abyssal Tears, weaker enemies now count for twice as much progress toward Silver / Gold rewards.
  • Several visual improvements have been made to the environment in several maps.
  • Throne of the Dwarven Gods (Skirmish): There is no longer crowd audio in the gameplay area.
  • Throne of the Dwarven Gods (Quest): Pwent's dialog now properly matches his voice-over.

Future Events[]

  • Challenge of the Gods: When in a party, Challenges now drop more consistently for all party members.
  • Siege of Neverwinter: Medals of Heroism are now Bind on Pickup.
  • The purchased versions now grant unbound packs that can be traded to other players, and these packs will give bound Medals when opened.
  • Siege of Neverwinter: Send Aid to Neverwinter: The guard hiding behind an invisible wall has overcome their shyness and is now willing to interact with players.

Combat and Powers[]

Classes and Balance[]

  • A potential case that could rarely cause certain powers not to slot, such as Divine powers for the Devoted Cleric and At-Will powers while blocking for Guardian Fighter, has been addressed.


  • [Helmite Paladin Ghost]: The tooltip for Shield Bash now explains what it does, rather than the Helmite Seal tooltip displaying that information.


Items and Economy[]


  • Castle Never now awards more Astral Diamonds on completion.
  • [Apocalypse Dagger]: The cooldown of this artifact's power now properly reduces at higher ranks.
  • [Portable Altar] now require Line of Sight to affect players.
  • Quartermaster Enchantment: Refinement items dropped via this enchantment are now Bound to Account.
  • This brings the enchantment in line with the Dragon's Hoard Enchantment.
  • Vouchers obtained from [Regal Stronghold Pack], found in the [Firemane Lockbox], are now unbound.
  • They may be freely traded and sold on the auction house.


  • [Enchanted Courser]: This horse no longer masquerades as a Nightmare in its flavor text.

Zen Market[]

  • Class packs now properly state that they bind to the character who purchases them.

User Interface[]


  • If there isn't a new Collection entry to snap to, it now opens to the most recent entry the player had selected in the same play session.

Guilds and Alliances[]

  • If a player (or a player's guild) is removed from an Alliance, that player is now removed from the Alliance Stronghold map.
  • Players can no longer be prevented from donating resources to their own guild's coffer.
  • The "Send Invite" button for Alliances can no longer be pressed without a player name in the relevant field.
  • When a player chooses "Later" on an Alliance invitation, that invitation no longer pops up every time that player moves to a different map.


  • Tooltips on Bonding Runestones no longer claim their powers are used in Insignia Slots.


  • The default loot threshold for Need / Greed is now Rare (Blue), increased from Uncommon (Green).
  • The threshold can still be manually changed by the party leader.


  • Declining queue popups no longer results in unpredictable queue behavior in future queue attempts.
  • In PvP matches, while the player is waiting to respawn, they can now properly open the scoreboard, map, and other windows more than once.
  • The Stronghold PvP queue will now fire more consistently when over 40 players are in the queue.

Sword Coast Chronicles Campaign[]

  • A campaign's border art now properly changes when that campaign is complete.



  • Several general fixes have been made to localized text in all supported languages.