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Patch Notes: NW.65.20160906b.8

Release Notes[]

Content and Environment[]

Storm King's Thunder

  • Bryn Shander
    • A location where players could become stuck has been addressed.
    • Various instances of floating rocks have been brought down to earth. Er, more accurately, down to Toril.
  • Cold Run
    • A location where players could become stuck has been addressed.
    • Abandoning quests gained via dropped items in Cold Run no longer prevents players from gaining that quest again later that day.
    • Orc Battle Plans now only drop from Ogrillon Sentries instead of all orc supporting enemies.
    • The water in certain parts of Cold Run no longer appears to jitter on AMD video cards.
  • Lonelywood
    • Logger's Lament: The doors on loggers' cages now properly reset.
    • Shrine of Mielikki: This landmark is now spelled correctly on the minimap.
  • Instanced Content
    • Certain cutscenes have been updated so they more consistently load visuals before attempting to display them.
    • Red Ice: The player character now properly moves to the expected location during the final cutscene.
    • Red Ice: Players can no longer fall into the water when walking against the edge of the boardwalk.
    • Several more instances now have the updated, less overwhelming fog.
  • Fangbreaker Island
    • Ewan Roald no longer repeats himself.
    • Ewan Roald no longer repeats himself.
    • The amount of damage dealt by the ability "Avalanche" has been reduced when it appears as an environmental hazard during the ascent to the first boss.


  • Greed of the Dragonflight: An achievement, "Dragon Master," has been added for defeating all four dragons in one attempt.
    • If you have already done this, the achievement will be completed and can be found in the Slayer section.
  • Epic Artifact Equipment: This quest has been re-added with the requirement to complete Spinward Rise removed.
  • Sword Coast Chronicle: Damaged Orb of the Seer Shards now properly drop while in a team.
  • Tutorial: The Hunter Ranger dodge power tutorial now properly says "shift" instead of "roll."

Upcoming Events[]

Siege of Neverwinter

  • [Medal of Heroism] (Medal of Heroism) now go to the Wealth bag instead of the inventory.
  • Quartermaster's Enchantments now give information about what they can potentially drop.
  • Stronghold Voucher will drop a little less frequently in this event. (There should still be plenty.)
  • [The Champion's Banner] artifact now properly has secondary and tertiary stats as appropriate for a given rank and quality.


  • Call to Arms: Gate Crashers: Several minor fixes have been made, including enemies displaying levels and the boss having a more graceful entry.
  • Coins of Waukeen: The behavior of this event while in a party has been smoothed out; event items should more consistently appear for everyone, rather than just one person.
  • Double Seals: Seals of the Adventurer now properly double during this event.
  • Masquerade of Liars: A new mask has been added to the event collection and store.
  • Winter Festival: Various minor updates have been made in preparation for this year's festivities.

Combat and Powers[]

Classes and Balance

Enemies and Allies

  • Yeti Rampagers no longer sound like Fell Trolls at the beginning of combat.

Items and Economy[]

Storm King's Thunder

  • Campaign
    • The repeatable Runic Key task now requires 10 Ten-Towns supplies, reduced from 50.
    • [Archaeologist's Trowel]: The tooltip now reads grammatically correctly when only one use is remaining.
    • The crate in Bryn Shander no longer allows the player to discard the Uncommon-quality Trowel.
    • It only grants the player a Common-quality Trowel if they do not already have one.



  • Briartwine Enchantment: Ranks 11 and 12 now give the proper Item Level.
  • Maze Engine Campaign Store: Purchasing and opening an Armor Package (e.g. Elemental Air or Dread Armor) on one class now unlocks that same pack to reclaim for free on all other classes.
  • Ring of Ambush: The tooltip on this item now properly shows a cooldown of 20 seconds.
  • Sahha Ticket-Ball can now be discarded.

User Interface[]

Character Sheet

  • The Everfrost Damage Resistance value in the Character Sheet now properly includes the resistance granted by boons.


  • The Guild Bank no longer allows players to transfer items before they have completed the criteria necessary to trade.

Voninblod now has a "Use" button in the Wealth tab.


  • The mount power selector now properly, consistently displays powers.


  • If a player has more than 124 Power Points, the Powers tab no longer glows to remind that player about the unspent points.


  • If an item has an Enchantment or Kit slotted, the Professions UI now pops up a confirmation dialog if that item is going to be consumed by a task.


  • The leaver penalty no longer unexpectedly resets back to 30 minutes.


  • The Scoreboard no longer shows scores from a different contest on the same map if the player participated in that previous contest.



  • Implemented several minor text localization fixes for the German language.