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Patch Notes: NW.85.20170711b.5

New Mod 12 Tomb of Annihilation


New Campaign: Jungles of Chult[]

A mysterious plague has claimed the lives of many across the Sword Coast, and there's no sign of a reprieve to come. A hint, carried by a suspicious source, points toward the peninsula of Chult, far to the south of Neverwinter. Build a team, start an expedition… and try not to die.

Developer Blogs:

New Dungeon: Tomb of the Nine Gods[]

Delve deep into an ancient tomb and square off against the horrors within! New puzzles and challenges await within the Tomb of the Nine Gods. Dare you face the terror within?

Developer Blogs:

Quest Journal Improvements[]

The Quest Journal has seen an update in a similar fashion to Sword Coast Chronicle in the previous module! Among the improvements are the ability to group quests by zone, to search for a specific quest, and to filter quests as well.

Get more detail here: Official Feedback Thread: Quest Journal Improvements

Armor Penetration and Damage Vulnerability Debuff Changes[]

A backend overhaul has been made to how Armor Penetration works, both to improve server performance and make powers interact more consistently with the stat. In addition, damage vulnerability debuffs have been made more consistent as well.

Among the changes, Armor Penetration can no longer exceed the enemy's armor value, and the 200% hard cap on damage vulnerability debuffs has been changed to a 300% soft cap, though it will be more difficult to reach the 200% point.

Get more detail here: Official Feedback Thread: Armor Pen and Damage Vulnerability Debuff Changes

And here: Official Feedback Thread: M12 Armor Pen Changes and PvP

Shimmering Lockbox[]

Players who open their Adventurer's Reward box at level 20 will now receive three Shimmering Lockboxes! A pack of three free Shimmering Keys may be claimed from the Zen Market in order to open these Lockboxes.

Private PvP Queues[]

Players may now use the Queue system to create private PvP matches between pre-arranged teams! 5v5 and 10v10 matches are currently supported. This should allow player teams to engage in PvP under their own terms, whether for build, power, or composition testing, or just for fun or practice.

Private PvP matches do not have victory or loss rewards associated with them.

Get more detail here: Official Feedback Thread: M12 Private PvP Queues

Release Notes[]

Content and Environment[]


  • Lair of Lostmauth: There is no longer an occluding plane causing visuals to go wonky in the entrance to the boss room.
  • Mount Hotenow Domination: It should now be more difficult to escape the gameplay space.
  • Protector's Enclave: The carpets spanning either side of the Hall of Justice fountain have been improved, as has the water in the fountain.
  • River District: Music now begins when spawning into the zone, rather than when crossing into the Riverfront.
  • Strongholds: The Milling Yard no longer incorrectly claims to boost Stone production; it now properly states that it boosts Wood production.
  • The audio volume of NPC speech in Bryn Shander has been boosted.
  • The battle cry for Pit Fiends is now a little quieter.
  • Various typos in a variety of content and lore have been addressed.
  • When players log out in the open world, they should now less frequently spawn across collision or an object.

Combat and Powers[]


  • The fifth boon task of the Underdark Campaign can no longer be claimed without completing the fourth.

Classes and Balance

  • Another attempt to address the respec loop has been made; player characters who have recently respecced should no longer be asked to respec again upon opening the Powers UI.
  • Oathbound Paladin: Divine Protector now properly prevents 60% of incoming damage, rather than only 40%.
  • Players can no longer trigger Life Steal from damage they deal to themselves.

Piercing Damage

  • Certain Piercing attacks that deal damage based on another attack no longer "double-dip" damage resistance against higher-level enemies.
    • Example: The Hunter Ranger feat, Piercing Blades, deals an extra 50% piercing damage to an enemy.
    • If an attack would normally deal 200 damage, but is reduced to 150 by an enemy's level difference, then Piercing Blades now deals 75 damage (50% of the damage dealt).
    • Prior to this fix, Piercing Blades would deal around 56 damage (50% of the damage dealt, then reduced again by the level difference).
  • Piercing damage powers now work as described in (most of) their tooltips: "Piercing Damage cannot be deflected and ignores armor." This means:
    • Piercing damage will no longer penetrate defenses that are not armor (such as Tenacity-based defenses).
    • Piercing damage will now be able to benefit from damage vulnerability debuffs on the target (such as the Lantern of Revelation debuff).
    • The net effect should be to make these powers less overwhelming (but still potentially very strong) in PvP, and much more useful in PvE.


  • Armor Penetration now properly has an effect when used by Companions.
  • Certain Companions no longer incorrectly gradually gain stats over time.
  • Crab: This companion now properly plays a "near death" animation when its health is reduced to 0.
  • Legendary companions now give 16% stat bonus (up from 15%).
    • Each additional active Legendary companion now gives a stat bonus half the size of the previous one. Examples below.
    • Two active Legendary companions: 16 + 8 = 24%
    • Five active Legendary companions (Max): 16 + 8 + 4 + 2 + 1 = 31%
  • The Active Companion Bonus for Archons now properly counts the number of Archons a player has active.

Items and Economy[]

Artifacts and Artifact Weapons

  • [Sigil of the Great Weapon]: This artifact's buff icon now properly lasts the duration of the buff, rather than a steady 10 seconds regardless of debuff time.

Enchantments, Enhancements, and Runestones

  • A particular rank of the Eldritch Runestone no longer incorrectly affects the player with an extra share of a companion's Resilience and Movement.
  • Bilethorn, Lifedrinker and Plaguefire Weapon Enhancement Shards can now be purchased from the appropriate vendors with Seals.
  • Bronzewood Enchantment: Ranks 11 and 12 now work as described in the tooltip.
  • Transcendent Flaming Enchantment: The tooltip now properly states that the Fiery Attack pops when dealing damage to an enemy who already has three stacks, rather than on application of the third stack.


  • Characters who were stuck mid-level in Alchemy should now be fixed.

Zen Market

  • A new, smaller pack of Companion tokens at a lower price point is now available in the Zen Market.
  • Campaign boost tokens can now be traded when purchased from the Zen Market.
  • Elite Shadow Wolf is now consistently named Elite Shadow Wolf in the Zen Market.
  • New campaign boosts can now be purchased on the Zen Market!
    • Prices have been updated for all boosts.
    • The available campaigns are: Elemental Evil, The Maze Engine, and Storm King's Thunder.
    • The Elemental Evil Campaign boost can be purchased in two varieties: One with an XP boost that brings a character to level 70 from any level 60 or above, and one without.
  • Power Points may now be purchased in the Zen Market in packs of 1 or 10 under the Services category. Please note that player characters cannot consume these packs if their Power Point total would be taken above 124.
  • The "50 Enchanted Keys & 1 Month VIP Bundle" purchase now states that it does not increase the player's VIP rank, and its benefits are based on the player's current VIP rank.


  • Illusionist's Gambit Skirmish: The drop rates for Companion rings have been adjusted for Silver and Gold tier rewards.
  • [Seal of the Elements] no longer drop from dungeons. Seals of the Protector now drop in dungeons instead.
  • [Seal of the Elements] can now be exchanged for Seals of the Protector in the Miscellaneous tab of the Seal vendor.
  • Various typos in a variety of items and powers have been addressed.

User Interface[]


  • Having too many items in the Overflow Bag no longer prevents players from posting auctions.


  • Both the Personal and Shared Banks now have Sort functionality.
  • The Guild Bank now properly has a sort button.


  • When players have quests in a location that requires teleportation, the Quest Path now more consistently points to the portals or other object that moves the player character.
  • Warning prompts when attempting to destroy enchantments are now much more prominent.


  • The Alliance Roster now consistently displays all players in the selected guild, even if the player's own guild has fewer members.


  • Corsair keyboards with dynamic backlighting are now supported by the Neverwinter game client.
    • By default, the top row of keys have their lighting deplete as the player's health bar decreases.
    • The 1, 2, and 3 keys pulse as Daily Powers and the Artifact Power, respectively, become available.
    • The backlighting changes color as the player enters combat.


  • A new damage floater icon now appears next to damage that cannot be avoided (e.g. by dodge rolling).
  • CTRL + "]" now opens the most recently viewed Campaign this session.
  • Players may now zoom the camera in and out by scrolling the mouse wheel up and down.


  • A new bag slot has been added. Players may now equip up to 7 bags, increased from 6.
  • The "Unlock Other Item" context menu selection for Enchanted Keys no longer appears, as it's no longer reasonably usable now that keys are in the Useful Items tab.


  • The "Out of Character" text style now looks better in this UI.


  • Dropdown menus are now properly clickable when their options are outside the bounds of their parent window.
    • This allows players to always show their health bar in Interface -> HUD, for example.
  • The Boons window can now be bound to a key in the Options menu.

Zen Market

  • Empty categories no longer show up if the player manages to get a coupon for them.
  • The framerate no longer significantly drops in the Zen Market while the player is holding a coupon.
  • The Zen Market category list now consistently shows all banners if, for example, an entry is new, featured, and on sale all at the same time.

Art and Effects[]


  • The Lion companion no longer tilts and jitters in strange ways in certain locations.

Character Art

  • Certain NPC-named entries available in character creation have been renamed to "Face Long" and "Face Bulky."
  • Ponytail hair styles are less likely to jitter off characters' heads when running or riding quickly up and down stairs.
  • The standard horse tails have been improved on existing horse mounts.

Graphics, Performance, and Stability[]


  • An animation-related crash has been addressed.
  • A cap on the number of VFX objects with client-side physics has been introduced. This should improve general performance when certain powers are used.
  • A physics-related type of crash has been neutralized.
  • Various UI crashes have been updated.

Known Issues[]


  • If you disconnect during the loading screen after sailing from the River District Docks, please use the "Normal Login" instead of the "Safe Login" button. Using Safe Login will return your character to Protector's Enclave.


  • Armor Penetration stat on Companions currently does not apply to Companion damage.
  • Prophecy of Doom: The fix to allow Prophecy of Doom to take its own damage debuff into account was incorrectly reverted. As a result, this power currently deals less damage than expected.