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Pirate King's Retreat
Location Type: Dungeon Delve
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Levels: 45

Hidden somewhere on an earth mote floating high in the air is the Pirate King's Retreat. What treasures are buried there, forgotten by the living?


The Pirate King
Level: 45
Preceded by:
Followed by:
Given by: Norver the Cook
Starts in: Pirates' Skyhold
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Rewards: ???
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Enter the Pirate King's Retreat and defeat Bartholomew Blackdagger to claim his treasure.


Norver the Cook
Below the docks are tunnels leading to an underground fortress. That's where Bartholomew Blackdagger is, along with his plunder and his ship, the Black Scourge.

These undead pirates were our friends once. They don't deserve this fate. If Blackdagger were put out of his miserable unlife, that might break the curse on the rest of his crew. They could finally rest.

So, what do you say? If you take out Pirate King Blackdagger, everyone gets what they want. You get his loot, Captain Yargo gets his ship, and we get to leave this island.


  • Go to Pirate King's Retreat
  • Find a way into the Pirate King's Hideout (X/3)
  • Kill the Redolent Surgeon
  • Kill Thickgristle
  • Kill the Pirate King
  • Claim your reward


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A Dungeon Delve located in Pirates' Skyhold near #11 (The Mutineers camp) on the map.

You can queue for this to run it in a 5 man group, or you may enter manually solo or with any size group you desire.

The 'Pirate King's Retreat' was previously called 'Lair of the Pirate King', but was changed to 'Pirate King's Retreat' with Module 9: The Maze Engine. Norver the Cook (scared guy) in The Mutineer Camp gives the quest so you can complete it in the new Deeds campaign feature.


Dungeon Level Monster Level Queue Level Item Level
Normal 45 45 40 - 70
  1. The Epic version of Pirate King's Retreat was removed with Module 6: Elemental Evil

Bosses of Pirate King's Retreat[]

  • The Redolent Surgeon
    • Just pull him 2 rooms before. This will delay adds and the fight will be easier.
    • OR - pull him to the ledge next to the bridge heading to the next campfire and then you can toss the adds.
  • Bosun Thickgristle
    • Try to fight him near the edge, you'll be able to toss the adds while the melees are killing the boss.
  • Bartholomew Blackdagger
    • Having 2 clerics makes the fight easier.
    • You will need to work well together as a team and burst dps the boss down before you are overwhelmed by the spawns
    • Just focus on the boss and avoid his AoE that heals him and deals high damage.
    • Optional safer way: All but 1 focus on the spawns and slowly kill the boss.
    • If you have a very skilled high recovery spec control wizard, they may be able to keep all the adds under control while the rest dps the boss.


Normal Boss/Chest Equipment Seals
The Redolent Surgeon random piece of unidentified Rare equipment 50 Seal of the Adventurer
Bosun Thickgristle random piece of unidentified Rare equipment 50 Seal of the Adventurer
Bartholomew Blackdagger random piece of unidentified Rare equipment 100 Seal of the Adventurer
End Reward Chest random piece of unidentified Rare equipment for your class


  • Lair of the Pirate King m5: