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Kyorl´urn the Hunter - 1st Boss of Pit Fight Skirmish

Morgath the Undying - 2nd Boss of Pit Fight Skirmish

Runs-Red-Howling - 3rd Boss of Pit Fight Skirmish

The savage werewolves of the Gray Wolf barbarian tribe have issued a challenge to anyone who thinks they can survive their Totem Pit!

Basic Information[]

Skirmish/Monster Level: 39
Minimum Level to queue: 36
Maximum Level to queue: 43

A Skirmish located in Vellosk. No quest tied to it.


Consists of 9 waves, featuring a normal, Shadow Wolf accompanied, and boss led wave each of the three types of foe (spiders, undead, and werewolves).

  • Enter the Totem Pit
  • Defeat Spider Swarms
Wave 1: Assorted spiders
Wave 2: A pack of Shadow Wolves with assorted spiders
Wave 3: Kyorl´urn the Hunter with assorted spiders
  • Defeat Undead Hordes
Wave 4: Assorted skeletons, zombies, and wights.
Wave 5: A pack of Shadow Wolves with assorted skeletons, zombies, and wights.
Wave 6: Morgath the Undying with assorted skeletons, zombies, and wights.
  • Defeat Werewolf Packs
Wave 7: Assorted werewolves (not including Shadow Wolves).
Wave 8: A pack of Shadow wolves with assorted werewolves.
Wave 9: Runs-Red-Howling with assorted werewolves (not including Shadow Wolves).
  • Claim Your Reward



  • Spider (Blade Spider, Bristle Spider, Broodswarm, Deathjump Spider, Spiderling, Spitting Spider)
  • Skeleton (Archer, Decrepit Skeleton, Soldier)
  • Zombie (Hulk, Rotter)
  • Wight (Battle Wight, Deathlock Wight)
  • Werewolf (Fighter, Scavenger, Shadow Wolf, Stormcaller, Wolf Packmate, Youngblood, Youngblood Archer)


  • Spider (Kyorl´urn the Hunter)
  • Wight (Morgath the Undying)
  • Werewolf (Runs-Red-Howling)


Call to Arms[]

Call to Arms: The Totem Pit Loading Screen

A Call to Arms Skirmish is an enhanced, limited time, version of a normal skirmish that allows levels 6-60 to queue for it without any other prerequisite and has an enhanced drop table.

The Call to Arms: Pit Fight was first held from November 14th, 2013 to November 18th, 2013. A second run was held from October 16th, 2014 to October 20th, 2014, adding an event store, Sword Coast Adventures access, and more transmutes. A third run was held from March 19th, 2015 to March 23rd, 2015 and a fourth run from March 10th, 2016 to March 14th, 2016.

CTA: Pit Fight
A limited time Call to Arms: Pit Fight

The savage werewolves of the Gray Wolf Barbarian Tribe have issued a challenge to anyone who thinks they can survive their Totem Pit!

To participate
You must be level 6 or higher and queue for the event using the button below or pressing "k" on your keyboard.

Sword Coast Adventures
Make sure you check out the special dungeon in the Sword Coast Adventures on Gateway from your web or mobile browser.

Surviving the Pit Fight gives you a chance at the following rewards.

[Gray Wolf Tribe Dye Pack]
[Shadow Wolf]
[Cruel Enchantment, Rank 3]

Whether you gain these chance rewards or not, you will gain many [Medallion of Battle] which you can spend in the store to purchase the following items:

[Refiner's Cache] 100Medallion of Battle
[Gray Wolf Tribe Dye Pack] 50Medallion of Battle
[Barbarian Mystic Orb] 300Medallion of Battle
[Barbarian Symbol] 300Medallion of Battle
[Barbarian Maul] 300Medallion of Battle
[Barbarian Spear] 150Medallion of Battle
[Barbarian Shield] 150Medallion of Battle
[Barbarian Longbow] 150Medallion of Battle
[Barbarian Dagger] 150Medallion of Battle
[Barbarian Mace] 150Medallion of Battle
[Barbarian Mystic Pact Blade] 300Medallion of Battle
[Barbarian Axe] 150Medallion of Battle
[Barbarian Hatchet] 150Medallion of Battle

Many of these rewards are only available during the Pit Fight Call to Arms, so get them while you can!

Krim Wolfclaw[]

Pit Fight Call To Arms Event Stand

Krim Wolfclaw During Call To Arms

During the Call To Arms version of the event a stand appears near the center of Protector's Enclave with Krim Wolfclaw on it standing next to a box of barbarian gear and a shadow wolf. His only current purpose is to answer some questions about the event.

  • Call to Arms! Pit Fight
Krim Wolfclaw
Call to Arms! The Tribes of Vellosk have opened their Totem Pit to all comers!

Gather your team to fight them off!

  • What is a Call to Arms?
Krim Wolfclaw
A Call to Arms is a special limited time event which allows characters from levels 6 to 60 to play together in the same skirmish.

Each Call to Arms has unique rewards for the heroes who join in the fight. Surviving the Pit Fight gives players a chance to find special rewards. Brutal Barbarian Weapons like the ones on the display stand next to me allow you to transmute the look of your equipment, special Cruel Enchantments empower your equipment, and the Shadow Wolf mount for you to ride.

These rewards are only available from this Call to Arms, so get them while you can!

  • Can anyone join in?
Krim Wolfclaw
The Gray Wolf Tribe has issued its challenge to all the heroes of Neverwinter who have proven themselves in battle. Accept their challenge and join the fight!

All adventurers from level 6 onwards may join the battle. The event can be joined by using the Queue window and queuing for the Call to Arms event, when available.

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