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Prestige Armor (Item Level 588:648)[edit | edit source]

Collection Content Foreground M10 Pvp Prestigearmor.png

Completing this collection will give you an additional bonus of Collection Score 20.
Threats to the Sword Coast are as weeds, pluck one and two more grow in its place. In an effort to shore up Neverwinter's defenses and steel the resolve of the Sword Coast's adventurers, Sergeant Knox has commissioned equipment of hitherto unseen quality made as a reward for those who show unmatched skill in the arena.

The strongest set of PvP equipment available at the launch of Module 10: Storm King's Thunder. Features set bonuses that enhance PvP and increase survivability when controlled. This equipment may be purchased in the Trade of Blades in exchange for glory and seals of triumph.

— Earn [Seal of Triumph] from emerging victorious in a domination match.
— Earn [Glory] from participating in PvP.